Las Vegas Bachelor Party Part 2 Dos And

Travel-and-Leisure After years of living in Las Vegas in my 20’s I learned a thing or two from the hundreds of bachelor parties I’ve been a part of. I wrote recently about Step 1: Assembling Your Crew, but now we get into the nuts and bolts. Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of a Las Vegas Bachelor Party… Dont Wear Matching T-Shirts/Halloween Costumes Unless, of course, its Halloween, then absolutely wear costumes. Otherwise, dont be those guys. You look idiots and people will avoid you at all costs. If you want to give the bachelor a fake tuxedo shirt or a shirt with an inside joke written on it, thats fine. You want him to be mildly embarrassed the whole weekend, sure, but dont draw so much attention to your crew that you might get mistaken for a bachelorette party. Do Go Out to Dinner the First Night Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants in the world, its imperative that you take advantage of this early. Starting the weekend by going out to a nice dinner will be something youll look back on and be glad you did, especially because its pretty likely that after that dinner the wheels will fall off and any semblance of control you thought you had will disappear. Get yourself a delicious steak at a nice restaurant before you lose your self-respect. Dont Fall in Love with a Stripper Unless she seems to really like you, then I say go for it. Who am I to stand in the way of love? I think you two will be very happy together. Do Change Locations Vegas is a town of convenience, every resort is designed to keep you there the whole weekend, but youve got to mix it up. Dont spend too much time in your hotel. Leave wherever youre staying to gamble and drink elsewhere. A change of scenery is a good way to get into an unplanned adventure. Nothing crazy will happen if you sit at the same black jack table ten feet from your hotel elevators. This town has a lot more to offer, so go explore. Dont Make Phone Calls Home Nothing good can .e of it. Youll pretend youre not having an awesome time, shell pretend she wants you to have an awesome time. Make an agreement before you leave that there will be no check-ins or updates. This is a Bachelor Party, you are supposed to pretend you are a bachelor one last time. Im not saying you need to go out and sleep with every girl you meet, but try to keep that illusion alive while youre in town. Also, your boys dont want to hear the girlfriend/fianc voice during this weekend. Or ever for that matter. Do Drugs If not now, when? (For legal reasons I must add that Im joking. And by legal reasons I mean I dont want to get my dealer got. (Again, joking)) Dont Why Youre Here Its a bachelor party, key word: party. Get crazy. Do things you would otherwise never do. Take this city in and experience what it has to offer. And when in doubt, take a shot. Youll figure it out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: