Li Keqiang and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev jointly presided over the twenty-first regular

Li Keqiang and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev co chaired the twenty-first regular meeting with Russian Prime Minister – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, St Petersburg, November 7 (reporter Shang Jun Zhang Zhengfu) Premier Li Keqiang, 7 pm local time in the Constantine house in St Petersburg with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Medvedev co chaired the twenty-first regular meeting with Russian Prime minister. Li Keqiang said that China and Russia each other’s largest neighbor and a comprehensive strategic partnership, bilateral relations continued to develop steadily and healthy, pragmatic cooperation has made new achievements. As a permanent member of the Security Council, China and Russia maintain communication and coordination in international affairs, jointly safeguard the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and promote peace and stability in the region and the world at large. China is willing to work with Russia to work together, "The Belt and Road" initiative to join the Eurasian Economic Union better, and constantly improve the Sino Russian relations and the level of cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win, for the benefit of the two peoples. Li Keqiang pointed out that in the current world economic recovery is weak, the slowdown in trade situation, China and Russia to further develop complementary advantages for their development and economic restructuring and upgrading to promote the addition of help. China is willing to cooperate with Russia to tap the potential of deepening the civilian nuclear energy, aviation manufacturing and railway infrastructure construction cooperation. The next phase will focus on promoting SMEs to expand cooperation, especially in the field of innovation to expand cooperation, pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia to provide new impetus. Strengthen financial cooperation, expand the scale of local currency settlement, providing support for the smooth progress of related cooperation. Efforts to expand the scale of trade, and jointly safeguard the world trade system and rules, and comprehensively improve the level of facilitation, promote bilateral economic and trade and two-way investment in healthy and sustainable development. To carry out agricultural cooperation, especially in the field of deep processing of agricultural products has broad prospects for cooperation, we should jointly promote. Close cultural exchanges, strengthen cooperation in science and technology, education, etc., to do a good job in the next two years, the Sino Russian media exchange year. Medvedev said that Russia is a friendly neighbor. This year, the 20 anniversary of the establishment of bilateral strategic cooperative partnership to commemorate the signing of the "Treaty of good neighborly and friendly cooperation in Russia 15 anniversary as an opportunity to maintain a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the high level operation, cooperate with each other in the multilateral framework of the United Nations, the group of twenty nations, the Shanghai cooperation organization and the other BRIC countries in support, deepen economic cooperation and trade the structure is being optimized. Russia cherishes the Sino Russian friendship and cooperation, is willing to implement the consensus reached by the two sides to better play the role of inter governmental cooperation mechanism, and comprehensively promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields. At the same time actively carry out oil and gas, civilian nuclear energy and other large projects, while efforts to promote innovation and cooperation in smes. Deepen cooperation in the financial sector to provide financial support for business cooperation between the two sides. We will strengthen cooperation in the fields of machinery, electronics, agriculture, science and technology, aviation, high-speed rail and other fields, and strive to achieve the goal of upgrading the trade volume between the two countries. Close the Far East and other local exchanges and cooperation, good media exchanges, expand the scale of exchange students, strengthen cooperation in tourism, promoting the good neighborly and friendly. To further strengthen cooperation in international affairs and jointly cope with global challenges. The two prime ministers listened to the work report of China Russia cultural cooperation committee, the prime minister regular meeting committee and investment cooperation committee and energy cooperation committee four bilateral cooperation mechanism, planning for future cooperation in-depth exchange of views.相关的主题文章: