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Lin Biao remains why stay in a foreign country? [Abstract] Embassy in Mongolia and follow the instructions of the central, stopped to Mongolia on the plane crash problem representations, return the body remains more not on the agenda. The | sun Yixian in early September 14, 1971, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Mongolia Earl Don Be Leo G emergency meeting with the Chinese ambassador to Mongolia Xu Wenyi, to inform: September 13th at 2 pm, Mongolia province in Kent a China symbol of the plane crash, all the staff of 9 people were killed, and all the soldiers. The Mongolia government has spoken out against Chinese military aircraft in the territory of Mongolia and called on the Chinese government to explain it. A late report back to the embassy, Xu Wenyi immediately called the Embassy of the leading cadres meeting, the appointment of. Xu Wenyi pointed out that the report is a pressing matter of the moment to domestic, for instructions. In a moment, in charge of confidential work comrades look anxiously report: Mongolia telegraph office said, because the line is not good, can not be timely issued after the telegraph, the fastest in 4 hours. At this time, Xu Wenyi suddenly remembered that the embassy has been ordered to stop by a direct line telephone Zhou Enlai. Xu Wenyi decided to take the risk without asking for a phone call. But it took half an hour to call Beijing telephone station, Beijing station. The Ministry of foreign affairs of the telephone machine is broken, not to transfer. At this point, Mongolia has arranged for the afternoon to go to the special plane in Kent, ready to send two secretaries of the Embassy Sun Yixian and other 3 people went to the scene. Xu Wenyi had no choice but to call the Ministry of foreign affairs through the Mongolia telephone. Painstakingly, the news finally returned home. However, because there is no wait for the reply, in Mongolia repeatedly urged, "the embassy to wait for domestic instructions" turned down by the 14 – day trip. After that, due to technical barriers completely unnecessary, Chinese missed the embassy as soon as possible rushed to the crash site of the time, lead to the Soviets The early bird catches. Silent instructions in September 14th 6 pm, in the Mongolian embassy received the domestic telegraph instructions, so Xu Wenyi met with the Ministry of foreign affairs of Mongolia and to the other party to convey: "13 am 2 pm the plane crashed, may be lost into the Mongolia border, we regret. Please send me the aircraft carrier Mongolia government immediately Embassy in person to inspect the scene." A detailed investigation to telegraph indicating reliable crash site, such as bones should be required to back file items required to specify the list of China. September 15th at 8 in the morning, the embassy contacted the Ministry of foreign affairs of Mongolia, asked about the departure time to fly to Kent Province, but the answer is the local weather conditions are bad, temporarily unable to leave. It was a critical time for the Soviets to arrive at the scene and take the key parts of the plane. At this time, the Soviets are more interested in the British made Trident aircraft, they ask the identity of the body. Around 5 pm, Xu Wenyi and ambassador Sun Yixian and Shen Qingyi museum staff and Mongolia accompanied by personnel arrived at the crash site, take pictures, forensics, view the body. Without any background knowledge, they only recorded the location of the body, and the only woman as the older waiter". Shen Qingyi found a temporary boarding pass of the air force compound, number 0002, no photos, only names:.相关的主题文章: