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Listed housing prices refinancing audit tighter investment banks: efforts beyond the expected housing prices refinancing policy environment is quietly changing. 9, Shimao shares announced its 6 billion 700 million non-public offering application was rejected by the Commission, further intensified industry of listed housing prices refinancing overall tightening speculation. According Zhengbao reporter statistics, in the past as housing prices set by the standard option to repay bank loans and supplement working capital, in the past more than 2 months has frequently been the Commission detailed questioning, CAC group was not directly or even individual case. The resulting change is that there are a lot of housing prices in the near future refinancing program to do downsizing – cancel the loan, complement the flow and other projects, the new plan will also increase the amount of exposure to avoid such projects. This is a series of changes in the housing prices refinancing audit tighter. "At the end of July, the Commission held a sponsor special training session, has proposed to raise funds through the refinancing of housing prices is not allowed to take and repayment of bank loans, but in fact the audit were stronger than expected." An investment bank reporter lamented. "Loan" was strictly according to the latest (August 29, 2016 -2016 September 2nd) refinancing feedback, the Commission issued Supervision Department of Taihe Group, Sheng Wang technology and other 6 listed companies refinancing were reviewed. The feedback fourth thaihot group pointed out: "the Fund – raising intends to use 2 billion 800 million yuan for the repayment of loans from financial institutions, the matter does not comply with the relevant provisions, please adjust." CAC group is a company engaged in residential and commercial real estate development, financial securities, chemical, pharmaceutical and other areas of the business diversification of the company, 98% of its revenue from real estate. According to the financing plan of the company previously disclosed, to be not less than 18.2 yuan price of shares to the controlling shareholder of Taihe investment specific non-public offering of not more than 538 million shares, raising not more than 9 billion 800 million yuan, which are mostly used in Beijing Changping Nan Shao and other real estate projects, the remaining 2 billion 800 million yuan for the repayment of loans from financial institutions. CAC group is not alone. Reporter query for nearly 2 months listed housing prices refinancing feedback found in earlier period (July 25, 2016 -2016 July 29th) the refinancing of feedback, the issue of supervision of the Ministry of housing prices in the City vote to raise funds for the "loan" project carried out a detailed inquiry. Transit city voted feedback shows: according to the application materials, the applicant intends to use the funds raised 2 billion 900 million yuan to repay bank loans and other interest bearing liabilities. At the end of 2015, 1 billion 165 million 200 thousand yuan of deposit applicants in money funds have been pledged, the current liabilities amounted to 11 billion 103 million 960 thousand yuan of payment in advance. The previous 2 billion 980 million yuan to raise funds in place in December 31, 2015, and all used to repay bank loans and interest bearing liabilities." Thus, the Commission will require the applicant to provide details of the repayment interest (the borrower, loan amount, period and usage etc.); at the same time, combined with the previous business nature, the certificate of deposit pledge to raise funds to repay bank loans and interest bearing liabilities etc., comparing the completion of this offering after deducting the advance payment of assets and liabilities.相关的主题文章: