Liu Yan Shi Xiaolong, Wu xiaokun2 joined cable-incubus

"Liu Yan Shi Xiaolong" Wu, I joined Liu Yan as Mu Qianqian Shi Xiaolong – as I played "ermine cable with Wu move back" concept poster by the Tianjin blue Sina entertainment television media Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "blue film"), Youku, Beijing century culture media Co., Ltd., Huoerguosi partners YueKai film and television media CO produced, the famous director Zhang Li [micro-blog] in directed networks adapted from writer’s novel of the same name TV series "energy-saving" Wu move back in succession recently, Xuan, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai and Wu Chun [micro-blog] starring. Today, the "Wu," the crew again officer Xuan, Liu Yan, Shi Xiaolong [micro-blog] [micro-blog] with new niche cable xiaokun2 joined the lineup. Liu Yan’s Queen BOSS high-energy staged "heart knot Qianqian" Liu Yan joined the news just released, it caused many fans looking forward to Indoorsman. Liu Yan has been in a number of film and television drama to challenge the different roles of the classic, but also in the star love reality show "if love" to share the real self. This time, Liu Yan in the "Wu" plays "all bright genius" (Wu Zunshi Lin Langtian) mentor, but also has the Yuan rulers and the villain supreme female BOSS double identity Mourinho qianqian. Mourinho has exuberant Yan Mei beautiful appearance, although she is a devil scheming villain means deep hard, but as leadership and to Langtian forest as a mother treated like gentle yuan door elder supreme ", has become an indispensable role in" Wu move back. Perhaps a "demons" or because of all sorts of life decreed by fate, but under both non muslim, suffer great agonies of the mind, do Qianqian ultimately stick to this role, thus for difficult emotional hold of. At the same time, it is also the second collaboration with director Zhang Li Liu Yan, the foundation of cooperation and understanding between the two, will also create more spark for a corner of the show itself and Mourinho qianqian. Many believe that success in shaping the classic image of Liu Yanding through accurate performance, surprise "heart knot Qianqian" fans. Shi Xiaolong with new niche cable xiaokun2 battles after the martial arts after the return to the screen after an absence of many years of Wu Chun joined the "Wu" message, ignite the hot, the return of Shi Xiaolong is "Wu," the cast group to help out strength. Shi Xiaolong as the star power debut, Yi Yan in his "good boy", "cyclone China dragon", "dragon in Shaolin", "young justice Bao" and other works have good performance, called the 80, 90 eternal classic. Not only that, Kung Fu idol Shi Xiaolong bring new Shanxi xiaokun2 back "niche cable," Wu Lin, Qingyang children were playing (Yang Yang ornaments) two yijiejinlan brothers arthritis and ermine. In the novels of the three brothers personality and special skills, although the origin is different, but the same sense of mission for them to get together, along the way, good and evil, justice and brotherhood Kennedy immovable. Than the "Ming family of three brothers" Blood Brotherhood is coming, then cast to fans memorable classic CP audience. It is reported that the "Wu", the upcoming boot conference in Xiangshan, then entered the tense shoot, create a star studded)相关的主题文章: