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Long bodied coach continued higher salary in place to attacking football to win hearts – Sohu   sports; the Super League this weekend to play yesterday, decimating the good news, coach Stojkovic and the club by the end of 2020. From 2015 to the end of 2020, if the contract is completed, a total of five and a half years of time. In the frequent Huanshuai game over, the contract is called "long". Stojkovic had a contract until the end of 2017, in a foreign contract remains close to a year and a half. In the super rare, visible bodied very much agree with Stojkovic. R & F had some lessons. In 2013, Erickson took the middle Farias signed pointer, and a half year contract. The middle of the 2014 season, when the contract is still half a year, decimating began to talk with Erickson to renew the contract, but it is too late. Hong Kong has already used the high price of Erickson’s heart dug to Shanghai. This time, R & F is clearly learned lessons, be sure to grasp the initiative to negotiate. In the lavish club too much, when expiring contract, Stojkovic will certainly choose not only the R & F. Stojkovic a year of coaching, has been widely praised, and even higher than the time of the evaluation was obtained by Erickson, the game style, League results and cup results, have verified this point. Look, Stojkovic and top bodied football — advocating technology flow agree without prior without previous consultation style, to create the youth system. On the basis of existing achievements, decimating the high-rise also realized that the style and system need time to strengthen, frequent change and the coach will draw further apart in that direction, leaving Stojkovic is a good choice, about a piece of paper to the practical construction blueprint". Be Stojkovic better coach must exist, but for more than decimating the coach Stojkovic was not easy to find. The more famous and more qualified and more authoritative coach, the need for astronomical annual salary, even if R & F is willing to bear the burden, but from the point of view of pure sports, super big coach in the super big two words is likely to be redundant. Relatively speaking, R & F is a relatively simple club. Why is Stojkovic willing to renew the contract for so long? Not just because the salary is in place, but the more important reason is that he feels comfortable here. Stojkovic’s relationship with the club is very close, which is not common in many clubs, helping him to better control the team. Unlike many other clubs, there are different Chinese coach groups, and there is No. At present the team situation is very good, Stojkovic almost no hesitation. For a coach, the club can provide him with a longer team building cycle, and give him enough power, this opportunity itself is worth treasuring. Decimating the season has been ahead of the relegation battle, the FA Cup is expected to reach the finals. Stojkovic’s insistence on attacking football has won a lot of people. Nandu reporter Feng Zhen相关的主题文章: