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Low price strategy of overseas mobile phone "restart" failure of TCL – TCL communication technology Sohu will at the end of September from the Hongkong stock exchange delisting. This is behind the main international market TCL mobile phone suffered cliff style decline, TCL communication again turned to the fierce competition in the domestic market. TCL group released in August 24th in the first half of 2016 earnings report, the first half of the first half of TCL communications revenue of $9 billion 280 million, down by 11.8%, net profit of $19 million, down by 94.7%. In this regard, TCL announced that the mobile phone business downturn is affected by the downturn in overseas market demand and business restructuring in china. Poor performance, TCL communication will be the end of September delisting TCL mobile phone is one of the first to get Chinese mobile phone licenses 12 companies, in 2003 9.31% market share of domestic mobile phone first made remarkable achievements. But in the intelligent mobile phone era, TCL communication weakness. Affected by this, TCL communication is expected at the end of September from the Hongkong stock exchange delisting. Since 2015, TCL communications share price performance has been poor. The beginning of June 2016, TCL group announced that the proposed privatization of the subsidiary of TCL communications technology through a wholly owned subsidiary of holdings. After privatization, the company will withdraw from the Hongkong stock exchange. In August 22nd, TCL holdings will send private TCL communication planning documents to shareholders. After all conditions are met, the plan of the proposed offer, the tender offer and the share incentive offer will take effect in September 30th, is expected to TCL communications will be 4 pm on September 30th from the Hongkong stock exchange delisting. Since August 24th, TCL group released the first half of 2016 earnings. Announcements, TCL communications revenue 9 billion 280 million yuan in the first half, down by 11.8%, net profit of $19 million, down by 94.7%. Results showed that the first half of the total sales of TCL mobile phone and other communication products 33 million 100 thousand units, down 2%; intelligent terminal total sales of 17 million 400 thousand units, down 12%; China area of mobile phone and other product sales of 1 million 800 thousand units, down 52%, of which the intelligent terminal sales of 600 thousand units, down 71%. Still rely on low-priced products the main overseas markets in recent years, the focus of TCL communication on the overseas market, the first half of the year, the market of America, Europe and Latin America as TCL communications of the top three market sales accounted for 83.7% of the total. It is understood that TCL communications has Alcatel, TCL two brands, TCL implementation of the dual brand strategy, China and India online use of TCL brand, other countries and the India line are Al Carter brand. Prior to June 28th, in the TCL mobile phone conference, Limited by Share Ltd TCL Group Chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng said in 2015, TCL communication with ultra 80 million mobile phone sales, ranking the world’s fifth largest mobile phone manufacturer status, and continue to maintain the domestic sales of the first overseas mobile phone. This statement Asahi相关的主题文章: