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[map] only due to static experience Chevrolet Kewozi – Sohu career car page first: Chevrolet Kewozi static experience: the appearance of new car]Cavalier and Knight [Sohu have "Knight" meaning in english. Knight said a focus more on the title, position, for the lowest order of the European medieval nobility, have their own fiefs; Cavalier refers only to have their own weapons and mounts, riding the "cavalry" does not emphasize the identity and status. I do not know is not a coincidence, the new compact car SAIC Chevrolet launch with named Cavalier (Chinese name for "Kewozi"), which is also the target consumer is just emerging in the community of people, even without his own title and status. Such a car, can resonate with this group of consumers do? SAIC Chevrolet Kewozi (hereinafter referred to as "Kewozi") located in an entry-level compact car, its length and width and height are respectively 45441779 1467mm, wheelbase 2600mm, power on, 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the power output of 109 hp. Transmission system matching 5 speed manual and 6 speed manual gearbox. What have to have a source, SAIC GM Chevrolet how quickly and took out a compact car new products? Perhaps with SAIC GM’s entry-level compact car – Excelle discontinued, Excelle discontinued, 8-10 million range vacated just let Chevrolet occupy Kewozi. Interestingly, Kewozi since the birth of SAIC GM Wuhan branch, and here is the birthplace of the new Buick hideo. The relationship between the two, how many people will have some associations. Light abacus ring no use, now 8-10 million in the compact car in this interval, Buick Excelle let off the tears, their brand value further upward. Kewozi to connect the "disc", using the product to speak, after such a circle of "stray time", we go back to the beginning of the problem: whether Kewozi and its target consumers resonate? Everything has to start with the appearance… (Editor: Wang Xiaolei) page second: Chevrolet Kewozi static experience: interior space, power, conscience, positioning entry-level joint venture compact car interior materials don’t expect a large area of leather, in this condition, to create a good impression of the interior became the primary purpose of this level models, but also Kewozi without exception, the continuation of the general interior design consistently high level; at the same time in the riding space did not let us down… Summary: in the Cold War era of the armed forces, the nature of Cavalier and Knight in the distance never force value, and more emphasis on moral, religious, position, title… Above。 After thousands of years by the name of Cavalier’s birth Kewozi is such a product that is not born, but as a vehicle to attract ordinary people who are unwilling to mediocrity, to meet their basic needs, and gave them unexpected surprise. Pull a bit farther,相关的主题文章: