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Home-Improvement One of the best natural stones from the limestone family, marble makes the perfect choice of paving material for your outdoor spaces. They can transform your old, boring patio into an inviting haven with their natural beauty. An excellent material that can help fortify and make your exterior spaces more attractive, marble also boasts extreme durability and longevity, lasting twice to five times as long as other types of paving materials. Marble is a metamorphic rock that results from regional or contact metamorphosis of sedimentary carbonate rocks like dolostone, limestone, or old marble. This metamorphic process results in a total re-crystallization of the original rock, thus creating an interlocking mosaic of aragonite, calcite, and/or dolomite crystals. The pressures and temperatures that form marble usually destroy the sedimentary textures and fossils that were originally present in the originating rock. This results in pure white marble. The swirls and veins of colored marble varieties are a result of the various mineral impurities within the stone, such as iron oxides, sand, clay, silt, and chert, which were originally present in the grains or layers of the original limestone or rock. The green coloration of some marble varieties, for instance, is often due to serpentine .ing from high magnesium levels of the original dolostone or limestone. Marble pavers are extremely beneficial to use as outdoor paving material. Because they are made out of natural stone, they can withstand extreme weather conditions without .promising the quality and structure of the stone. They can handle multiple freeze cycles, as most natural stones do, and with the right .position, can resist freeze-thaw conditions effectively, and certainly better than other paving options like brick and concrete. Marble doesn’t retain heat as readily as other paving materials, creating a cool and pleasant environment even for outdoor applications. A natural-earth product, marble is very easy to .bine with other types of building materials to create a continuous look. Marble Pavers are excellent for use as pool decking, patio paver, driveway material, and even as landscaping elements. Marble is one of those materials that can look attractive wherever you choose to put it. It also offers the added benefit of easy installation, as marble can easily be laid into place, regardless of the design you wish to achieve. This material can also be removed and replaced easily in case of damage (which is very unlikely if you know how to take care of your outdoor paving). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: