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The master refused to work as a tutor to zero points, I refused to work for the company’s mentor management, not only tutor evaluation of zero points, was forced to ‘practice’ and a public apology." According to the "Shijiazhuang daily" reported in September 20th, 19, the small slope had enrolled in the professional master of landscape architecture at a university in Baoding (a pseudonym) is still difficult to calm down. Because both have different effects on employment and evaluation of zero Kaobo slope, from the beginning of May 2014, he was on the matter to the reporting of the petition, caused the leaders of relevant departments concerned. In September 9, 2016, the university finally reflected on the small slope of the written reply. Currently, the discipline inspection and supervision departments of the university is under further investigation, will be based on the relevant provisions of the relevant personnel and units responsible for. Tutor evaluation got zero points small slope currently in Beijing to do architects, from September 2011 to June 2013 in Hebei, a university graduate landscape architecture master. Small slope introduced himself during graduate school, the original mentor is the school of forestry and tourism associate professor wang. From around July 2011 (there is no formal admission), he started Reed environmental art Baoding City Wang management company development limited company to work, until July 2012, about a year, monthly paid only hundreds of yuan. "A year often catch the project for all through the night, sometimes barely will go to the toilet to vomit, sometimes also asked not to go to class, the holidays can not go home." Around July 2012, small slope refused to continue to work for this company. Professor Wang asked him to change the tutor, but in accordance with the provisions of the need to replace the former mentor mentor tutor application form signed. In order to get the signature, small slope has been waiting for 8 months, during this period, although the name of Wang’s students, but no one to teach and manage. 2012 or so on the year of December, Wang gave a small slope mentor evaluation for 0 minutes, this situation is extremely rare. In the small slope to the reporter "XX University petitions reply submissions", a preliminary investigation that the school, made on the "0" evaluation, Graduate School of landscape architecture and tourism, and studies are ineffective, not strict, management is not in place for comprehensive evaluation of performance audit, the school will be based on the relevant provisions of the the relevant personnel and units of accountability. Students advance apology "walkthrough" small slope, in order to replace the mentor and graduate, must be Wang’s signature in tutor application, small slope grievances to find Wang and the College of landscape and tourism leadership. Under the mediation of the school in the middle of another teacher, Wang made a condition: the small slope must be a college of landscape and tourism related leaders, teachers and classmates on behalf of graduate students face, will all take all responsibility, Wang made it clear that in this event without any responsibility to sign in turn the tutor on the application form. The event has been held in mid March 2013, the apology will be held in a small conference room of the garden and Tourism Institute, the Secretary and Dean of the school of landscape and tourism have participated in the. According to Wang Xiao Po before one afternoon in Wang studio)相关的主题文章: