Men take advantage of Granny express knife burglary by his family before – Beijing-9c8921

Men take advantage of Granny express knife burglary by his family in Beijing over one day in July, after the express Xu aunt was about to close a strange middle-aged man suddenly took the knife to her into the house…… In retrospect, Xu aunt still haunt. Fortunately, his wife and daughter heard the sound in the room immediately after, will force the man to subdue. The day before, Shanghai Jingan District city procuratorate on suspicion of robbery and arrested the man jeong. In the morning of July 15th this year, as usual, Xu aunt through the access control system to confirm the courier, open the door and the door downstairs and other courier. After receipt, Xu aunt was about to close, but found that the courier left, there is a strange middle-aged man did not leave behind. I feel strange Xu aunt asked, "what can I do for you?" Let Xu aunt unexpectedly, the man grabbed her collar and pushed her into the house, hands waving a length of about 20 cm knife, "I have a bad day, spend money!" Xu aunt rushed scared scream. Is the bedroom to rest his wife and daughter son heard cries for help, rushed out immediately. A man found in shouchijiandao and Xu aunt confrontation, Xu aunt’s husband and son immediately stepped forward, want to pull the man grabbed the knife. The man seeing this, immediately take a knife in his neck, "you don’t get close to me, I can’t live, I have been in prison for more than and 10 years, if you alarm, I Dutch act." Aware of the man’s emotional instability, Xu aunt a side to chat with him to stabilize their emotions, while their hands of the knife to take the subdued, and timely alarm. It is understood that the man Jeong criminal record, due to employment in Shanghai is not satisfactory, germination of the idea of robbery. The day before the incident, he bought a fruit knife in the store, plastic rope, tape and masks, etc., and chose to pass a high-end community as the target of crime. In the afternoon, he sneaked into the residential buildings in the District, looking for targets in the floor. Second am, just found Xu aunt opened the door in the sign for delivery, Jeong mistakenly thought Xu aunt alone at home, so take advantage of the courier left after the implementation of the robbery. (Xie Lijuan)相关的主题文章: