Merck to invest 250 million euros to strengthen the industrial value chain of Sohu – health in China-www.8008205555

Merck announced to invest 250 million euros to strengthen a total investment of 170 million euros for Nantong pharmaceutical base officially completed industry chain Sohu Sohu health Wen Dong Haiyang Merck days ago in China, it is the first large-scale investment in China set up production plants China directory based medicine drug multinational enterprises. BRIC countries are currently the most dynamic pharmaceutical market, it is predicted that China will become the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market in 2018. In recent years, many multinational companies have continued to invest in China to enhance their market position in china. Merck announced preliminary investment following the 2013 Nantong pharmaceutical base amounted to 80 million euros. More than 90 million euros were added to the base to meet the growing demand for locally produced drugs in china. It is understood that the Nantong pharmaceutical base is the largest in Europe outside the production base will focus on the production of Merck, Merck for major chronic disease treatment of diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and cardiovascular disease and other products. After completion, the production of the first batch of drugs is expected to be put into the market in the second half of 2017, production capacity or will reach 10 billion in 2021 per year. Previously, including hypothyroidism therapeutics euthyrox and other products have a certain degree of stock, Nantong pharmaceutical base built or will alleviate this situation. In addition, Merck will invest about 80 million euros to establish a scientific life center, specializing in the production of high purity inorganic salt, cell culture medium and culture medium can be used directly. This means that Merck will invest a total of 250 million euros to build the China manufacturing value chain, the strategic investment will further support its expansion in the China.相关的主题文章: