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The Ministry of Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo: to promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations in the new network recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "on the reform of the management system of social organizations to promote the healthy and orderly development of social organization views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), lead to social concerns. What are the highlights of the "opinions"? What policy dividend release? How to promote the development of social organizations? Banyuetan reporters on these public concern, an interview with the Minister of civil affairs Li Liguo. Banyuetan reporter: please make a brief introduction of the current development situation of China’s social organizations. Li Liguo: since the reform and opening up, China’s rapid development of social organizations, the overall strength has been enhanced. As of the end of the second quarter, according to the registration of social organizations amounted to 670 thousand, of which 329 thousand social organizations, social service agencies 336 thousand, 5038 over the foundation, education and culture of 14 sectors, has played a positive role in expanding foreign exchanges in promoting economic development and prosperity of social undertakings, the innovation of social governance and. Banyuetan reporter: please talk about the positive significance of the introduction of the "opinions" to promote the healthy and orderly development of social organizations and improve social management ability. Li Liguo: the "opinion" for the first time out of a China has unique social organization development "as the overall social organization reform and development requirements, and clearly" the social organization is an important force in China’s socialist modernization, "give full play to the social service organization, national social services, serving the people, service industry the role of" positive energy, provides a broad space for social organizations to play. On this basis, the "opinions" made a series of policies and measures, provide policy support and institutional guarantee for the healthy and orderly development of social organization, and put forward the overall goal of the reform and development of the social organization, by 2020, establish a unified registration, carry out their duties, coordination with the Chinese, according to regulatory characteristics of social organization management system. The basic establishment of clear responsibilities, in accordance with the law to separate the government, autonomous social organization system, the basic form of the development pattern of reasonable structure, perfect function, orderly competition, honesty and self-discipline, full of vigor and vitality of social organization. "Opinions" also make special arrangements for the development of community social organizations, to reduce the access threshold, and actively support the development and enhancement of the service function and other measures to foster the development of community social organizations, to play its positive role in the innovation of grassroots social governance in the. The "opinions" of the introduction will be conducive to further clarify the government, market, social relations, improve the socialist market economic system; to improve the supply of public services, strengthen social management and innovation; help to stimulate social vitality, consolidate and expand the party’s ruling foundation. Banyuetan reporter: in the past, many social organizations reflect the difficulties in registration, decentralization, stimulate the vitality of the reform, the "opinions" what the highlights? Li Liguo: the "opinions" to further clarify and refine the four types of social organizations (Industry Association Chamber of Commerce, science and technology, charity, urban and rural community service class) direct registration, in accordance with the conditions and procedures for determining the laws and regulations, support qualified social organizations established according to law; to reduce Lei相关的主题文章: