Ministry of Commerce in response to the Philippine economic and Trade Commission will restart mechan

The Ministry of Commerce responded in the Philippines will restart economic and Trade Joint Committee mechanism: for the benefit of new network new network in September 2, two people in the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang today in response to China and Philippines or the recent resumption of joint economic and Trade Commission said mechanism ", the new government of Philippines has repeatedly said, willing to engage in a dialogue through bilateral channels the Philippines, improve relations, and create favorable conditions for cooperation in various fields in the philippines. Sino US economic and trade minister had reached a consensus, the two sides expressed their willingness to promote bilateral economic and trade relations to return to normal development track. Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference today, Shen Danyang on the domestic and foreign media to respond to hot issues of high concern. A reporter asked, China and Philippines in the near future or will restart the economic and Trade Commission mechanism, I would like to ask what is the establishment of the Philippine Joint Commission mechanism, when the interruption? What are the main functions and contents of the mechanism? The mechanism in the history of China and the Philippines to promote economic and trade cooperation what contribution? Shen Danyang responded, the Philippine economic and Trade Commission for the Deputy ministerial level, formerly known as the Philippine trade joint committee. In April 1976, the two governments signed an agreement on the establishment of Sino Philippine Joint Trade Commission in Manila. In May 1977, the two sides held in the Philippines Maolian will be the first meeting. In 2009, the Philippines Maolian will be officially renamed the Philippines joint economic and Trade Commission, in November twenty-sixth meeting. August 2011, held the twenty-seventh meeting of the joint committee. Since then, the joint committee has not been held for 5 years, at a standstill. Shen Danyang said that the Sino Philippine economic and Trade Commission is an important economic and trade cooperation between the two governments channels and platforms. For a long time, the competent authorities of the two countries and uphold equality and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win principle, through this mechanism to maintain close communication and coordination to make overall planning and planning for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, explore new cooperation opportunities and growth points, solve the problems of cooperation, pragmatic promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation to achieve new development. The Sino Philippine economic and Trade Commission has played an indispensable role in promoting bilateral economic and trade cooperation and developing friendly relations between the two countries. At the previous joint meeting, the two sides reached consensus on bilateral cooperation in trade, investment, infrastructure, agriculture, regional and multilateral framework. For example, put forward to optimize the trade structure, trade growth potential mining policy recommendations to expand exports to China and create favorable conditions for the Philippine agricultural products cooperation; encourage two-way investment; the implementation of a number of roads, railways, power plants and other infrastructure cooperation projects; construction of agricultural technology in the Philippines industry cooperation center, help Philippines to improve people’s livelihood; strengthen cooperation coordination in China ASEAN, APEC, ASEM and WTO under the framework of regional and multilateral cooperation and. In addition, the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, the two sides have repeatedly conducted in-depth consultations at the joint committee meeting, a strong impetus to the FTA negotiations and implementation process. The new Philippines government has repeatedly expressed its willingness to dialogue through bilateral channels to improve Sino Philippine relations, in order to create favorable conditions for cooperation in various fields of the philippines. It is on this basis, the Ministry of Commerce Minister Gao and Philippines trade minister Lopez in early August in Laos during the meeting held during the twenty-eighth meeting of the joint commission.相关的主题文章: