Ministry to promote the construction of green manufacturing system will build thousands of green pla-beself

The Ministry of construction will promote the green manufacturing system built thousands of green factory ministry promote green manufacturing system construction will be built hundreds of thousands of green parks and green plant China securities network according to the Ministry of information in September 22nd, the Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a document, promote green manufacturing system. The Ministry made it clear that by 2020, the initial establishment of green manufacturing system, green manufacturing standards system and evaluation system was basically completed, the construction of hundreds of thousands of green parks and green plants, the development of 10000 kinds of green products, create green supply chain, green manufacturing market push mechanism basically completed. The main contents include: green factory, green products, green park and green supply chain. The Ministry said, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and municipalities and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps of industry and information technology department (hereinafter referred to as the administrative department at the provincial level) according to the local characteristics, the development of the industry base and actual situation of planning, before the end of October 2016 for the construction of green manufacturing system introduced the local implementation plan, put forward 5-8 key areas, the construction of local area green manufacturing system of the annual plan and policy support measures, and report to the Ministry of industry (energy saving and Comprehensive Utilization Department). Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: