Motivating Employees With Awards, Rewards & Incentives-ricky lee neely

Team-Building Awards, Rewards and Incentives are effective tools to motivate employees. However, if you’re .pany is still employing an Employee of the Month (or quarter, or year) program, it’s time to step into the 21st century. Back in the day, it seemed that every .pany used a cookie cutter of reward programs including: Employee of the Month, Quarter and/or Year: These awards were based on years of service and often came in the form of a Lapel Pins, potentially progressing to a larger award after 20 or 25 years of service. Back in the day, Service Awards usually started with the 5th anniversary of employment which means that many of today’s employees would never have earned a service award since an increasing number of employees change jobs more frequently. As times change, .panies need to recognize that what motivated employees back when they worked for the same employer for 40+ years may not be effective motivators today. Unfortunately, the loyalty that existed between employee and .panies (both directions, I might add) doesn’t exist to the same extent today as it did then. This is evident by .panies that never had lay-offs resorting to such measures in the recent recession as well as by employees changing jobs much more readily as they search for a more suitable position, greater opportunities or just greener grass. The stigma of frequent job changes has dissipated to and today’s entrants to the workforce seem to care more about job satisfaction and opportunities than about longevity, tenacity and job security. Appreciation and acknowledgement of one’s efforts can significantly influence job satisfaction. It is time to relook at Employee Incentive Programs. Employers need to recognize that incentive programs are very effective tools to motivate employees when used appropriately. Some key attributes of an effective award program in today’s society include: Know What Deserves To Be Rewarded Instead of arbitrary awards like service awards (which, tradition may preclude eliminating), the focus should be on identifying key attributes of a valued employee and rewarding those attributes. These attributes will vary depending on the role of the employee. For example, interpersonal skills may not be as important for a software developer as they are for a receptionist. In addition, .panies need to recognize that they need to value different attributes even within similar roles. While it is great to have a high-profile barn burner on your team, you also need to the low-profile workhorse since not every effort is going to be in the spot light. .panies need to identify the employee attributes they value in the following areas: Behavior – These is the attributes that management can easily acknowledge as being worthy of rewards. The key is to not only follow through on those awards but to do so in a timely manner. These attributes are associated with employees that solve the big problems, develop new products, land new clients and make the sales. Don’t be so caught up in the celebration of their results that you forget to reward them for their role in making it happen and don’t let weeks or month pass before you do so. Of course, employee’s contributions don’t typically fall into just one of these categories. An engineer who is performance driven may also be a great mentor which is a behavior that warrants acknowledgement. That receptionist who’s behavior is essential to the image of your office may also step up to the plate in a pinch and deliver results on a special project. Know When to Give Rewards Rewards and awards don’t have to be high dollar items but they do need to be timely. If your .pany has a lengthy approval process to give an employee a reward, then it is time to change your processes. To motivate employees, the acknowledgement of their contributions needs to occur close to the timing of those contributions warranting the award. It will then be clear to both the recipient as well as other employees why the award was given. If it happens two months later, the opportunity will be lost. It is like hearing a hilarious joke during happy hour and then waiting two weeks to roar with laughter in a business meeting. It almost seems inappropriate and looses its effect! So, when do you acknowledge employees efforts with an award or reward? While it can be obvious when an event occurs that warrants a Results driven award, it may not be so clear for the other categories unless you’re looking for it. Behavior: Know What To Give As A Reward Aside from having a process that avoids a lengthy approval process for incentives, you have to have to awards and rewards readily available to provide timely acknowledgements. What type of timely awards, reward and incentives are appropriate for a time-sensitive, 21st Century Employee Motivation Program? Here are some considerations: The old stand-bys: Certificates: Money is always wel.e by employees but be careful. It attaches a monetary value to the award which is immediately .parable to other awards. Financial awards can be.e a greater source of contention among employees than an equivalent value incentive type award. Keep the money in the bonus program instead. Newer options: Music Download Cards: 相关的主题文章: