Nanjing elderly suffered free travel trap cheated 8700 yuan-minmi

Nanjing old man suffered a "free" tourist trap cheated 8700 yuan on September 29th at 2 o’clock, in Gulou District shogunate Hill police station, public master Dong and his wife of two woman quarreling, said his parents were fooled, bought more than 30 thousand drugs, has paid 8700 yuan, and more than 20 thousand did not pay according to Dong master. Speaking, parents are older, is a more than and 80 year old man surnamed Zhuang, this woman with his parents, out of 100 yuan per person can go to Tianmu Lake, the other not money, free room and board. Then, a few days ago, his parents and their tour Xiaozhuang gone, in the local live for a day, second days on the back. The old man came back also brought a bag of drugs, more than 30 thousand, the old man did not have enough money to pay the 8700 yuan, no money on the card, but they can say Xiaozhuang from paychecks. Dong master came to see his father, found the situation, I think there is a problem, parents may be fooled again. Dong master on the alarm, so the two sides came to the police station. According to Dong old grandpa, this group of people is to let them go to travel, then this is called propaganda lectures there, blood medicine, said to be life-saving drugs, and let him to pay, so he muddleheaded bought more than 30 thousand drugs. Under the coordination of the police, the woman surnamed Li WeChat transfers 8700 yuan to the master Dong family, both sides left the police station.相关的主题文章: