National network platform regulatory system on September on-line no shop will be posted warning labe lm3886

The network supervision system of unlicensed shop will be launched in September the warning labels Author: Zhou Chao Legal Evening News (reporter Zhou Chao) yesterday, the city CPPCC construction of electronic commerce credit system key proposals supervision forum held. The city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau said in response to members of the proposal, the September national network platform supervision service system will be running on the line, consumers can see the credit information store. Platform can also be posted to the shop warning label to remind consumers. For the city CPPCC members put forward a large amount of complaints online shopping, lack of corporate credit market constraints and other issues. According to the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, although Industrial and Commercial Bureau, food and Drug Administration website can be found all kinds of business information, but the actual consumption, but few consumers in order to these government departments before the search site screening. A member of the CPPCC, BTG vice chairman Ding Tongxin in the proposal, the data show that from January 2015 to September, the national industry and Commerce Department received a total of consumer service consumer complaints 401 thousand, the number of complaints is the first online shopping, a total of 105 thousand, accounting for the number of service consumer complaints 26.2%, and an increase of 1.3 times the growth rate. The fastest. Today, the shop can be a single brush, takeaway ranking can be recommended to buy list, these non-standard shop consumers how to identify more effectively? In this regard, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau responded that the relevant person in charge, after mid September, the "national network trading platform supervision service subsystem will officially run in the Beijing area, the system can be consumer oriented" triggered "view of enterprise credit information, currently has a collection of basic information of all kinds of network trading platform for a total of 4 million shop. In many network trading platform, the current Jingdong to the trade and Industry Bureau to provide information on all outlets. The responsible person said, the Jingdong’s shopping platform as an example, followed by 360 points to open the browser, it is a website comprehensive score of 9.7 points in the automotive supplies franchise stores, but there is a tab bar below the red line shows that the shop has been revoked the business license. In addition, in the browser address bar to the left, there will be the store credit check button, point to open to see whether or not to accept the change of administrative punishment and credit information etc.. "After the middle of next month, the recognition function can be open to consumers, it is with the Qihoo 360 and Baidu cooperation, through 360 browser open can, after the trial, but also with a number of search engines and browser cooperation, will not cause monopoly." Responsible person said that the current regulatory platform to shop with "warning label", to remind consumers, "and the" Interim Measures for the management of network transactions illegal disciplinary regulations are in accordance with the procedures in advance, is expected in the first half of 2017 promulgated by the "warning label" to determine the shop’s "black list" "grey list", and according to the law of punishment. In addition, the City Commission by letter will further improve the personal information system. Among them, the personal credit information in the field of e-commerce will be an important content into the city’s personal credit information system.相关的主题文章: