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National team: transfer positions convertible holdings of 2 billion shares of sina focus on buying large financial fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Semi annual disclosure into the sprint stage, institutional positions are increasingly clear route. As the "Dinghaishenzhen" market, "national team" every act and every move much market attention. Flush according to statistics, as of August 23rd, gold card, Huijin and other national big coffee house holds 588 of the shares of listed companies. The market has been worried about the national team reduction problem, and did not appear. The two quarter of the "national team" although the transfer positions convertible, but the overall holdings of 1 billion 996 million shares, including low volatility, high dividend financial stocks the most "national team" of love. However, with the national team to get together on the contrary financial stocks, raised funds have continued to reduce financial stocks, the two quarter of the fund holdings of Agricultural Bank of China, the number of holdings reached 320 million shares in. National team focused on large holdings of financial details from the point of view, the national team on the financial stocks most love, the top ten positions in the company, there are 6 from the financial sector. The latest data show that the national team is currently holding the largest number of companies last year has just completed the merger Chinese Zhongche, the number of positions for 2 billion 320 million shares, involving an amount of 21 billion 330 million yuan. Followed by China Unicom, the number of shares held 2 billion 110 million shares. China peace came in third, "national team" currently holding 1 billion 400 million shares, while holding the number is not the largest, but the use of funds is the biggest, involving an amount of up to 44 billion 950 million yuan, more than 2 times in the first China. At present, the "national team" shareholding ratio of 12.95% China safe circulation: the gold card company holds 740 million shares, Huijin holds 480 million shares, the national team’s two funds — Bo card financial asset management plan and investment Fengqing flexible allocation fund holds 170 million shares and 10 million 513 thousand shares. But from the holding proportion, Nader is the "national team" eyes "xiangbobo", the certificate of gold, Huijin and national team funds together hold the company’s shares for 26 million 366 thousand shares, the cumulative capital of 718 million yuan. Although the number and amount of view is not prominent, but the proportion of shares is quite amazing, the national team stake in the proportion of its circulation of 36.7%. Currently the "national team" impressive gains, Nader two quarter rose 12.98%. The first half of the "national team" have also been adjusted to some underperforming stocks, such as yifangda huirui flexible allocation fund significantly lighten up the crystal science and technology. At the end of the two quarter, the fund holds crystal side technology 831 thousand shares, compared to the end of the first quarter of the 2 million 263 thousand shares, a sharp decrease of $63.3%. Huaxia financial asset management plan and GF card financial asset management plan is a large proportion of the reduction of the shares of Kazakhstan investment, reduction of 52.3% and 43.4%, respectively. In addition to gold and Huijin respectively in the two quarter of 14, clearing 7 listed companies on stock相关的主题文章: