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Nearly 90% of the third party payment to free service to create new eco payment extension scene reporter on Hui following in March this year, WeChat began to pay cash for user fees, Alipay also entered the ranks of pay. Alipay recently announced in October 12th, will exceed 20 thousand yuan for individual users free amount of cash, a 0.1% service charge. According to the report released by Analysys "China third party payment mobile payment market quarterly monitoring report for the first quarter of 2016", Alipay and caifutong market share were 63.41% and 23.03%, the two giants are charging decision, also means that the third party payment of nearly 9 market share and free age ended. Third party payment charges into a trend as early as last October, WeChat had to pay the revised transfer fee rules: use WeChat transfers, face-to-face payment every month. Each person can enjoy a total of twenty thousand yuan of the amount of free, the rest of the 0.1% party payment according to a fee, until March this year, started the change now charging scheme. Alipay, although 6 months ago had clearly promised "no charge", but under the livelihood, had to put down its noble figure. It is worth mentioning that, BAT only Baidu wallet said not only charges will also give red envelopes, a pair of "vowing to end" attitude is free, it can keep the concentration in the interests of the face, or a repeat of Alipay "the face" embarrassment, temporarily clear. Alipay said that in addition to cash, Alipay consumer, finance, insurance, mobile phone recharge, utility payment, registration, payment of traffic fines, the use of Alipay mobile phone transfer to Alipay account, credit card payments and other services are not affected, including Tmall, Taobao, Alipay auction sellers and merchants signed business account wait, will remain free. In this regard, experts said, now Alipay has a high frequency of payment scenarios, not to mention the necessity and opportunity. In other words, Alipay’s action charges for individual users is very limited. However, Alipay this move, many users do not buy it, "this is obviously the fattened sheep slaughter." "Face" is intended to force the consumer scene Alipay said in the announcement, the reason is that the "comprehensive management fee costs rose faster, adjusted cash rules in order to reduce some cost pressures. Prior to this, WeChat announced that the current charges also said that the pursuit of revenue is not moving, but to pay bank charges". Both have opened charging mode, effectively reflects the current third party payment industry is subject to the banking system, the cost is difficult to decline. However, there are also points out that the third party payment institutions on the surface will not be able to bear the cost of throwing pots of fees to the bank, but secretly planning the layout of its scenes consumption. From the Alipay version 9.9 will be valuable to the home screen "circle of life" can be seen. Third party payment is not welfare charges for sooner or later, but many people puzzled: why Alipay chose this point in time? Right now, the field of online payment staking period has passed, the pattern of duopoly stabilized,.相关的主题文章: