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Hongkong earthquake in New Zealand Immigration Department received 23 Hong Kong residents to help 8 people lost contact – Beijing, Beijing, 15 November Xinhua News Agency reported in Hongkong, Central South Island of New Zealand 14 occurred in the early morning 7.5 earthquake accompanied by aftershocks, the Hongkong SAR Government immigration department (Immigration Department) said that as of 14 PM 5, received a total of 23 people to 8 people in Hong Kong said the families of the local relatives and temporarily unable to contact. In the afternoon, the Immigration Department said the news agency in Hongkong accepted the query, has so far received help, including families in Hong Kong said contact with the body in New Zealand and temporarily lost, or in the local people want to know the local situation and advice. The Immigration Department said, has confirmed that 15 of them were in a safe place and receive appropriate assistance, the remaining 8 of the families in Hong Kong is temporarily unable to contact with local friends. The Immigration Department said, is actively helping families to contact the people concerned and through Chinese in Christchurch Consulate General (consulate) providing practical assistance and follow-up events for stakeholders. Tour group, the Hongkong Tourism Council director general Dong Yaozhong said that there are currently 10 Hongkong tour, about 300 people in New Zealand, the tour is currently all security. A tour was scheduled for later to the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island Tour of Christchurch, depending on local conditions and adjust the itinerary. Dong Yaozhong pointed out that, as of the end of the month, there will be 16 tour of Hongkong, about 450 people go to New Zealand, temporarily will start as usual. New Zealand 14 0 2, 7.5 earthquake occurred in the central region of South Island of new zealand. Since then, frequent aftershocks of 5 or above, mainly concentrated in the northeastern region of South Island of new zealand.相关的主题文章: