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Ningbo classic mountain fitness route market Sina micro-blog 10:25 October 10, 2016 | travel together to take a fitness to an invigorating autumn climate, why not? Ningbo these features hiking trails, you have traveled? Xiaobian a look ~, mark the mysteries with civilization line: Yuyao Hemudu Site – World Jade Garden – Liangzhu Cultural Park – Tianyi Pavilion – Sanjiang port distance: about 30 km landscape: Hemudu Site Museum, the world jade court, Yinzhou Liangzhu Cultural Park, Tianyi Pavilion, the Bund, two old line: Dongqian Lake with a landscape of lakes and mountains. The journey on foot: about 40 km landscape: Narathiwat island area, Xia Yu temple, Southern Song Dynasty Stone Park, Fuquan mountain scenic area, ten in four, two incense Lingshan scenic area, YOUNGOR zoo three, Siming Mountain asked with line: Tashan Weir – five Longtan – Longxi tunnel – Xikou – Xuedou mountain distance: about 35 landscape: 100 kilometers Longtan bridge, five King twelve waterfalls, Wulong shrine, ancient dragon Festival altar, Jiang Four, Xuedou temple’s former residence, cultural road map exploration line: Ningbo Museum – Ling Road – City Hengxi Ting Xi Yang Cun Han Ling – Dongqian Lake – the Southern Song Dynasty Stone Park – Tiantong Forest Park distance: about 60 kilometers of Landscape: Temple Church, the Taiping army battle site, old toad Kikunami, Southern Song Dynasty stone group, EMI model, ramps Three Character Classic ruins, cultural square, three ten, Tiantong temple, Asoka Temple five, Sanjiang six shore walk with line in Sanjiang port radiation region for Yao River along the Fenghua River along the Yongjiang River along the distance: 15 km landscape: Ningbo Grand Theatre, and the avenue, old the Bund, Qing’an hall, Ningbo City, six rivers and lakes the journey with the line: Dongqian Lake – Wang Tang Xi celebrities’hometown – Meishan – Jin’e temple – Fenghua Huang Xian – Zhejiang Jiangdu shipyard – Xiangshan port bridge – Nantou fishing village – Beilun ocean sand hill distance: about 40 kilometers of Landscape: Dongqian Lake, Narathiwat Island, goose lake, Xiangshan Harbour Bridge, seven islands with space through the line: – – lingyanshan Shipu fishing port bridge – Xiangshan town of distance: about 60 km landscape: lingyanshan, Shipu fishing port city eight, Xiangshan movie, Xia Road to go with the line: Ninghai Chengguan Simon – three – foot Tan Xujiashan – beam Huangshan – the town before the child distance: about 60 kilometers of Landscape: Xu Xiake’s hometown, Roushi travel originating, qingquanshan, Luo Gongxi, three foot Lake Ecological Tourism Zone, Xu Jiashan, Liang Huangshan nine, the town before the child, filial piety blessing road with the line: Baoguo temple – Cicheng – Long Creek Ridge Trail – Minghe town – Peng Shan – Dragon Lake Distance: about 50 kilometers of Landscape: Paul temple, Lingshan scenic area, Cicheng Town, Long Creek Ridge Road, crane Town, five Lei Shan, Kaolao hill, du Lake, Baiyang Lake, Peng Shan theme park, the park, stone Buddha Temple, window trace Dragon Lake ten, sea silk road map pursuit line: Sanjiang – Ningbo Museum for export.相关的主题文章: