Ningbo two homeowners are facing demolition to a breach of contract in favor of a lawsuit-spyair

Ningbo two homeowners are facing demolition to a breach of contract in favor of a lost 10 years ago to buy a house, now facing demolition, but the original owner can run to breach of contract, who knows a touch on the demolition, the house price will rise a little, who is not willing to sell. This is just a rural house, as early as the sale of the original transfer of some trouble, it is harder to say now. These days, the Cixi court accepted two similar cases, but with very different results. The law does not prohibit the transfer between villagers earlier, Hu Lisong (a pseudonym) a family from a village in Cixi city Kandun Street moved to Ningbo, the household registration change into urban residents account, but have a home Kandun zuzhai has been vacant. 1998, Hu Lisong will be two semi ancestral home to about 15 thousand yuan to the price of the neighbor Hu Chuang and (a pseudonym). Hu Lisong after receiving the money, the ancestral home of the collective land use land to the construction of the stock exchange and Hu Chong, however, the use of the name of the card has not been changed. Originally, although Hu Lisong’s ancestral home near a house and Hu, but when two different village, unable to complete the transfer procedures. In 2001, the Hu Lisong family’s ancestral home village and a house where Hu and Hu Village, a home and repeatedly put forward zuzhai transfer, but things haven’t been able to do. Right now, Hu Lisong’s ancestral home is facing demolition, things have a big turning point. Heard ancestral house demolition can get a considerable compensation, Hu Lisong had other ideas. In two he village collective land can not transfer, and selling things against his wife, brother and sister did not know that the original two grounds, the agreement is invalid, let Hu home and return a house, their money and are willing to be compensated. For more than 10 years, the purchase and sale agreement has been signed for more than 10 years, Hu Chong and do not agree. Two court. Cixi court held that the two sides signed the contract for the sale of housing is the true meaning of that, and Hu is the purchase of real estate and a village where the villagers, there is no legal prohibition of rural homestead in the village of circulation, so between the two sides of the contract effective. Urban residents to buy a rural land contract invalid is also more than 10 years ago, Hu Jun (a pseudonym) because of the working relationship, the account moved from the countryside to the town. In 2003, he took the two houses in Henghe, Cixi, to the price of more than 13 yuan transferred to Zhang Xiaoqing (a pseudonym). After that, Zhang Xiaoqing had the house rebuilt. After two deliberations, decided to apply for approval in the name of Hu Jun approval, the actual contribution by the construction of Zhang Xiaoqing, and agreed to the final title to the property of Zhang Xiaoqing. Over the past 10 years, Hu Jun had faced the same village relocation, he wanted to get back home. Because of his wife’s account has not changed, learned that Zhang Xiaoqing and her husband’s domicile in the ancient Tang street, is the right to buy the rural homestead, so Hu Jun will be grounds for Zhang Xiaoqing to return home. Two people to each other, the negotiation fails, the court of final. But the reporter learned that the case with Hu Lisong, Hu Chuang and rural housing transactions.相关的主题文章: