North Korea successfully launched a submarine launched missile test (video)

North Korea successfully launched the submarine missile test plan for the North Korean missile test in 2016 on the site of the missile shot in situ in April. Data figure Yonhap said North Korea from the submarine fired a ballistic missile North Korea has not yet been reported news: according to Xinhua news agency KCNA reported 25 days ago, North Korea successfully submarine launched missile test. Related: Kim Jeong-eun’s 5 year shot 50 times the missile bomb with barrier free reference news network August 17 news media said, South Korean Defense Minister Korea seeking exclamation reply in Parliament in July 20th: "the Kim Jong-il administration in 18 years (1994 to 2011), North Korea launched a ballistic missile is about 20 a little more. But in the 5 years of Kim Jeong-eun’s reign, the number of missiles has been more than 50 times." Japan’s "choice" monthly August entitled "beyond the expected" North Korean nuclear technology "reported, especially since this year, according to people between the Japanese government said North Korea launched one after another. In February 7th, North Korea launched "Taepodong" -2 missile. It is reported that the missile range of up to 12 thousand kilometers, enough to cover the United states. In April 15th, North Korea test fired for the first time since 2007, the actual deployment of the musudan missiles. After several failures, and finally succeeded in the sixth test in June 22nd. It is reported that the end of the dance water in the range of 3000 km or more, can reach Guam. In addition, in April 23rd and in July 9th, North Korea also conducted a submarine missile test. Although the two test missiles are only a few kilometers to tens of kilometers, but that North Korea has successfully mastered a missile launched from a submarine, and then realize the cold emission technology of ignition in the sea. South Korean military believes that if North Korea go all out, will be achieved within 3 years of actual combat deployment. Also, a common concern of South Korea is facing North Korea successfully ballistic missile nuclear weapons as a means of delivery. KCNA reported on March 15th, the state-run Kim Jeong-eun instructions, in order to improve the credibility of nuclear power, should as soon as possible of nuclear explosion tests and tests of various types to be equipped with nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles. Since then, North Korea has repeatedly issued a statement that it feels like it has a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. In July 19th, North Korea and Huangzhou from the nearby city of the Yellow Sea road to the direction of the sea of Japan fired 2 Scud short-range missiles and 1 nodong medium range missile. The next day, the Labor Party official newspaper "Labor News" reported that the exercise of the deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons of war of the South Korean port and airport to launch a pre emptive attack as the hypothetical target, reaffirmed the restriction of missile flight distance, starting performance of nuclear warhead explosive device "at the height of the target area set. So, does North Korea really have a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and fighting it? North Korea conducted its 4 nuclear test in October 2006, May 2009, and in February 2013 and in January 2016. In the second nuclear test, North Korea said it used a small, lightweight atomic bomb". The fourth nuclear test is announced "H-bomb test was carried out successfully". The international community generally believes that North korea.相关的主题文章: