Now the world’s highest Borneo tropical tree height three blue whales were quite! x3210

Now the world’s highest Borneo tropical tree height: three blue whales were quite! According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 12th, recently a research team discovered the world’s highest tropical trees in Borneo, the height of nearly 94 meters, the equivalent of three blue whales end-to-end length. Grigori researcher at the Stanford University Carnegie Institute of scientific research? Asner held in November 10th Borneo conference announced this exciting results. In June this year, people in Malaysia found the world’s tallest tropical trees – 89 meters yellow willow eucalyptus, and now, this tree stands in the state of Sabah is in one fell swoop the SAL tree height record. Asner, who took a plane to see the jungle in Bazhou, and made a map of the jungle using lidar, discovered the giant tree". In addition to the amazing tree height, its canopy is also very broad, diameter of 40 meters! To his surprise, next to it than Shaoai tree is very tall, around 49 trees are more than 89 meters, that is to say, breaking the found five months ago, "the world’s highest tropical tree record. Asner to the environmental news website Mongabay said: "this 50 giant tree is really amazing for the forces of nature. The need for natural protection is encouraged, and the guards in the jungles of Borneo give us inspiration! This discovery is to science, Sha Bazhou, Borneo people and the world people’s gift." Asner is now going to put all the double tree is to study again, in-depth understanding of this species. Southeast Asian rainforest Cooperation Research Institute Glen? Dr. Reynolds said: "like the height of the age of the trees will not grow in forests, so forest protection is the protection of these rare species." Internship compile: He Zijian reviewer: Li Zongze)相关的主题文章: