One error lost nearly 200 million, Foshan lottery gains Lotto 3 million 960 thousand yuan – Sohu-sweets parade

Error one lost nearly 200 million Foshan lottery gains Lotto 3 million 960 thousand yuan – Sohu Information Times News (reporter Hu Changwei correspondent He Junming) a number of errors lost nearly 200 million, cut the Foshan lottery Lotto two prize 3 million 960 thousand. August 17th lottery lottery Lotto 16096th lottery in Foshan, as many as 24 note two prize value, the Nanhai District Xiaotang Changan Road No. 72 building 16 shop 4, 05003 lottery betting station is only 20 note additional prize two, a total of more than 3 million 960 thousand yuan in a lottery prize with pockets. As a result of the promotion of additional love the morning of August 23rd, the winner FOK accompanied by his family, came to the city hall of Foshan sports lottery lottery center for the awarding procedures. That staff work with Mr. Huo in the conversation, he is a hardcore lottery, this group of content for the area before the 01+06+08+12+21 region; 02+10 "winning numbers, he has kept for 4 years. The reasons for choosing additional bets, Mr FOK said that thanks to April this year, the National Lottery Center opened with prize promotions, because at that time during the Super Lotto 500 million yuan awards, double additional bet fixed bonus, so Mr. Huo through formation of lottery habit, each bet will choose an additional way. The bonus for his son to buy a house in addition, Mr. Huo did not know they already have millions of awards, is betting owners remind, he carefully check. "We have known for years through the lottery, he phoned me, the only I bought 20 note additional votes, asked me if I knew the lottery results. So, I am very grateful to the integrity of the old friend, if not his reminder, I put the lottery lost trouble." Mr FOK said, has added to the owners of praise. For bonus arrangements, Mr FOK’s wife said: "we all want to speak for his son to solve the housing problem has been, now have the money, all the problems are smoothly done or easily solved progress faster than expected, plan, or benefit from the lotto game to bring good luck." A number of bad two hundred million super lotto game since listing in 2007, in continuous innovation, to achieve a leap again. The bonus is high, large award high prize pool, unique, additional bet, get the majority of lottery blitz, is a shock, temptation, continue to create a winning record of magic play. Mr. Huo the winning ticket, because after a number of poor, missed the first prize, or additional prize in case of the single note bonus will be close to 10 million yuan, the bonus in Mr. Huo will be close to 200 million yuan. Author: Hu Changwei He Junming

一号之差错失近2亿 佛山彩民斩获大乐透396万元-搜狐信息时报讯  (记者 胡昌伟 通讯员 何俊明) 一号之差错失近2亿,佛山彩民斩大乐透二等奖396万。8月17日开奖的体彩大乐透第16096期,佛山彩民中出了多达24注超值二等奖,其中南海区小塘长安路72号16栋4号铺的05003体彩投注站更是独中20注追加二等奖,总计396万多元的奖金落入同一位彩民的腰包。  因促销爱上追加  8月23日上午,中奖者霍先生在家人的陪同下,来到佛山市体育彩票中心兑奖大厅办理兑奖手续。工作人员与霍先生的交谈中得知,他是一位铁杆彩民,这组内容为“前区01+06+08+12+21;后区02+10”的中奖号码,他已守号4年了。而选择追加投注的原因,霍先生表示得益于今年4月份国家体彩中心开启的加奖促销活动,由于当时超级大乐透5亿元派奖活动期间,追加投注的固定奖金翻倍,因此霍先生通过活动形成了购彩习惯,每期投注都一定会选择追加方式。  奖金为儿子买房  另外,霍先生一直不知道自己早已中得百万大奖,是投注站业主的善意提醒,他才认真核实清楚。“我们通过购彩认识多年,他打电话告诉我,当期只有我买了20注追加票,问我是否知道开奖结果。这么说来,我很感谢这位诚信的老朋友,若不是他的提醒,我把彩票遗失了就麻烦了。”霍先生的一席话,对业主赞许有加。对于奖金的安排,霍先生的妻子代言道:“一直以来我们都想为儿子解决住房的问题,现在有了这笔资金,所有的问题都迎刃而解了,计划进度快于预期,还是得益于大乐透玩法带来好运。”  一号之差失两亿  超级大乐透玩法自2007年上市以来,在不断的创新中,实现了一次又一次的飞跃。其奖金高,高奖池,大奖大,独有的追加投注方式,得到广大彩民热捧,是一个有冲击力、诱惑力,不断创造中奖纪录的神奇玩法。霍先生这张中奖彩票,因为后区一个号码之差,错失了头奖,否则在中得追加头奖的情况下,当期单注奖金将接近1000万元,霍先生中得的奖金则将是接近2亿元了。  作者:胡昌伟何俊明相关的主题文章: