ONeil, who was from the Lakers inside the shark and his commitment to bear the difficult to match

ONeil was from the Lakers insider shark Pro for incompatible with Kobe sports Sohu   September 8th Beijing time, according to media reports, O’neal said in an interview, had left the Lakers, a major reason is that itself is hardly compatible with Kobe. In 1996, O’neal chose to join the Lakers, during the Lakers, O’neal won a total of three trophies, but in 2004 he was eventually traded to Miami heat. In this regard, O’neal expressed his views. "There are no two kings in the team. I’ve seen all the great movies, and the young king will replace the old one." O’neal said. As O’neal said, when Kobe is in the rising period, the Lakers in the beginning, O’neal is absolutely the core team, while Kobe is just a rookie, but with the passage of time, Kobe gradually become the league’s top players. It was obvious that O’neal had found himself unable to be compatible with the time of the day. However, O’neal has now retired from the NBA alliance, and this week at NBA Hall of fame ceremony will, when O’neal, a total of four Hall of fame references are Julius Erwin, Alonzo Mourning, Bill Russell and Isaiah Thomas, in which Russell Yao Ming is also the introducer, and Erwin at the same time, Iverson is a reference. Why choose the four references, O’neal gives his own answer. "We have a lot of tough physical opposition to Mo Ning, but without him, I might have only three championship rings. Isaiah – Thomas and the magician, like Johnson, he taught me how to become a leader, taught me how to deal with the situation outside." O’neal admits. As one of the best center in the NBA history, O’neal occupation career averaging 34.7 minutes, will send 23.7 points and 10.9 rebounds and 2.3 blocked shots, which he also won four Championship trophy. (Fu Yun)相关的主题文章: