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OPPO R9s camera again upgrade 10.19 Shanghai – Sohu released digital Zhongguancun online news: Recently, the network is OPPO building advertising "is full of electricity, this talk shoot" brush screen, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the preheating advertising that is about to release OPPO  R9s; mobile phone. The day before we have received the invitation, the evening of October 19th 19:30, OPPO will be officially released OPPO  R9s in Shanghai. Micro-blog announced the official OPPO OPPO  R9s OPPO  R9s; conference time; conference is scheduled for October 19th OPPO  from the preheating of the slogan, in Shanghai; R9s also will be equipped with OPPO developed VOOC flash charging technology, one of the biggest selling point at the same time, R9s appears to be the camera, the OPPO  R9 has been well received; the pictures will be once again be raised, the higher pixel? Larger aperture? More sensitive components? Better system tuning? May also appear at the same time. As the most important mobile phone camera on one of the functions, has become a parameter can affect consumer purchasing decisions, and even some consumers purchase only photographed strong brands. OPPO as a user oriented brand, a few years ago from Ulike  1 models began painstaking research and development of mobile phone camera technology, then rotating OPPO  N3, OPPO  and then to have a 16 million pixel front; R9, reflects the OPPO from insight into consumer demand, and the product demanding perfection attitude.相关的主题文章: