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Health Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi has contributed his extraordinary knowledge in various fields of science and wellness. The major objective behind his contribution is to enhance the lifestyle of people. To achieve this objective, he designed various wealth programs in order to meet the desires and requirements of people. His unique ability of transforming the lives of living organisms was successful with a certain Energy Transmission. At the age of 40, he observed that his body was known for the surrounding energies that radiated from his body. This was the impact laid by his meditation and proficiency. The energy that he shed upon the plants cured many diseases that were found in them. Due to his knowledge and healing help, he was called as Guruji. Children who suffered from various disorders were also cured of the root by his healing treatments. His energies transformed the cell structure in the body of a human being and changed it .pletely. He always believed that his birth was for transforming the lives of the people on this Earth. With the photographic memory and the healing instincts, he could heal the diseases and find a permanent solution for it. He gained yogic knowledge all by himself. With constant practice and self-meditation, he developed a calm mind and began to help people in a different way. He performed tasks and experiments for cleaning the disease right from the root. He was well known for all the energies that he imparted, and this gave him the title of global healer. The energies were known as the Trivedi Effect. The Trivedi Wellness center was developed with a motive of serving a large group of people worldwide. With the change in the traditional methods of healing, many problems were found a permanent solution. ADHD is .monly known as the Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder . This disorder is .monly seen in children all over the world. It starts in the adolescence and prevails as the child grows into an adult. The symptoms basically involve lack of attention and interest in the things that are assigned to children. They often fail to stay attentive and focused. They be.e so adamant that it be.es difficult to control them. They are often subjected to hyperactivity and are easily distracted. These children usually show the following symptoms to a great extent. They are: They daydream and lack the ability to listen when someone is speaking to them. F.etting the things and getting easily distracted were also noticed amongst many children. Treatment of ADHD can be done with the involvement of drugs and other psychological treatment. But with too much exposure, there were other side effects noticed in the children. The bacteria and the defective cells were found a cure through their energies. With the energy transmissions, the effects were long lasting, and the children were able to respond well. They learned to concentrate on a single topic effectively. Problems associated with distraction and boredom was replaced with keen interests in relation to the subject. Parents were also relieved with the problems that their kids were facing from a very long time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: