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Parsons IG sun Dallas female fans love the ride: about Parsons drying out the female fans love according to sina sports news Beijing time on November 20th, according to U.S. media reports yesterday, Memphis at Dallas, a Dallas female fan Chandler Parsons love to Memphis small forward in the field, the results of the 76 team center Joel embid German social media gave Parsons a "encourage evil". Yesterday the Grizzlies away from the Mavericks, which is the first time since Parsons left the Mavericks this summer to return to Dallas to face the old club. Previously, Parsons played two seasons in dallas. "Handsome" the appearance of Parsons that he captured the hearts of fans is not the girl in Dallas, even though he suffered some boos, but still have the love and support of his fans appeared on the scene. Yesterday’s game, a Dallas female fans holding up a sign that read: "Parsons, you see the message!" Estimation of the female fans have tried to make love to Parsons through social media, but got no answer, so she decided when facing Parsons love. The game, Parsons debut 23 minutes, a total of 7 shots in the three, the ball scored 5 points in 3, get a score of 12. Grizzlies win with 80-64. It is worth mentioning that Parsons after the game on his IG drying out the photo, and wrote: "too much love, Dallas." This IG then caused users of discussion, interestingly, 76 team center Joel de embid also joined the discussion, and he returned to Parsons with a proposal. "Brother, you better get on her!" Nebid left a message in this photo. As a result, this comment has become a hot topic for his friends. Since entering NBA, we de in social media has been very active, often surprising, this is no exception. (Rosen) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: