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Philippine defense minister: Although the president at the U.S. leave but it will leave Mindanao Shimabara Title: Philippines Defense Minister: Although the president wants us to leave they will stay in the island of Mindanao [global network reporter Zhang Ao reported the Philippines defense minister and President Duthel Te] recently a series of Philippines relationship problems frequently ". The "Philippines daily" reported on 15 September, Philippines’s defense minister Loren Za Na 14, said that U.S. troops will still remain in the island of Mindanao, although President Duthel Te wants them to leave. Philippine foreign minister also expressed his desire to the U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey explained, do not distort the president’s intention". Reported that the Philippines congressman left for president Duthel Te on the left to ask us a statement of support, but Loren Za Na said in response, Philippines still needs us, because they have no ability to monitor the philippine armed forces. Loren Za Na said, is responsible for monitoring operations in 107 U.S. Mindanao island in Zamboanga City, to help the philippine armed forces to fight terrorism. Of the 107 men, the group is a member of the Navy, a military officer, and a total of 17 soldiers, and a total of about 20 men in the special forces of the group of 50. A few years ago, Mindanao U.S. military was up to 600 people. Send us surveillance equipment to the philippine armed forces confirmed the area. For a series of statements of the president of Philippines, the government of Philippines seems to have been contradictory attitude. Philippines’s foreign minister Yasai says 14 days, to explain the statement about President Duthel Te asked us to leave the United States Secretary of state Kerrey. He said, "I’m not whitewashing. For example, you cannot interpret out of context when Duthel Te said, want to let us leave when you delete his’ don’t want this phrase in the U.S. are hurt or killed. ". This is the context of the president’s statement." Yasai said to Kerrey he will tell the whole truth, "he will understand that the policy has not changed". Under what circumstances did the president of Philippines, Duthel Te, make a statement? 12, Duthel Te said, will consider the Philippine foreign policy, the U.S. special forces in Mindanao must leave. He made the announcement during a meeting of the ASEAN summit to show the atrocities of the local forces in 1906. Duthel Te said: "this will make the situation more tense. They saw the Americans going to kill. Whether black or white, as long as the americans." However, Philippine defense minister Loren Za Na said the U.S. military attack by the local Asian martial saya or kidnapped the very small chance. He said: "the military barracks in the city of Zamboanga in Nawaluo. When leaving the camp, accompanied by the Philippine soldiers, or armed with. These American troops are all combatants." Previously, Duthel Te and Obama fell out, because the human rights issue publicly accused the U.S. military killing aborigines, and he was stationed in the island of Mindanao decided to expel U.S. special forces, the outside world was speculation prospects of Philippine US defense cooperation is not too bright. Loren Za Na said he explained to President Duthel Te the importance of alliances and agreements. Philippines needs a military alliance with the United States, as well as cooperation agreements signed by the two countries, such as the visit to the military agreement and strengthen the defense cooperation agreement Kay相关的主题文章: