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PPP pushing rail to accelerate the construction of 10 major opportunities PPP model to help track traffic construction 8, development and Reform Commission held city rail transit financing mechanism innovation seminar, focusing on the PPP mode, the MTR experience of sustainable development of Beijing No. four subway line PPP project operation etc.. Currently, the local government for the promotion of PPP strong willingness to model, has landed projects are mostly concentrated in the municipal and rail fields. The agency expects that from 2016 to 2020, China’s urban rail transport mileage is expected to 7000 km to 7500 km, the total mileage will be doubled, the compound growth rate will reach about 18%. Urban rail transit investment of at least 2 trillion yuan or more, will be the construction, railway equipment and maintenance operations market to bring a large number of new orders. It is understood that in recent years the rapid development of city rail transit in China, the state has approved the 43 city planning and construction of a total mileage of 8600 kilometers of rail transportation, has traffic mileage of 3400 kilometers, in the construction mileage of about 3000 kilometers, the annual total investment reached 300 billion yuan. Rail transit construction cost is high, investment demand, at the same time, because of its public nature, operation and maintenance also need to continue to fund protection. In the process of rapid development, the key to solve the problem of sustainable development is to solve the financing problem of construction and operation. In the construction of railway and urban rail transit, effective investment and financing channels become the key. To encourage social capital to enter the PPP mode in the government credit under the credit, effectively guarantee the social capital into the orderly exit, become the current rail financing mode in the construction of important. Public information shows that this year, the PPP project put speed, the construction of rail transit significantly. As of the first half of this year, all PPP warehousing project investment amounted to 10 trillion and 600 billion yuan, 1 trillion yuan in the implementation phase of the project, the floor rate reached 23.8%, the July signing of the project to further enhance. The first two batches of PPP demonstration projects, rail transportation, sewage sludge treatment, underground pipe network for the PPP project of the three key areas. Among them, the second installment of the project in the railway project (including urban TRAM) has 16, accounting for 7.76%, a total investment of $255 billion 695 million, accounting for 38.81%. Urban rail transit construction project volume, pulling the investment effect is obvious. Recently, the Hohhot Metro Line 1 project PPP project signing ceremony was held, as China’s first single venture capital stake in rail traffic PPP projects, insurance companies and other financial institutions involved in rail transit project will help accelerate the floor. Data show that last year, China’s urban rail investment completed 368 billion 300 million yuan, a substantial increase over the previous year by 27%. The construction of rail transit is one of the most promising fields in the infrastructure construction of our country. In the PPP, such as investment and financing mode, rail transit construction will enter a period of rapid development. Comprehensive brokerage Research Report, Connie electromechanical domestic rail door systems leading suppliers, the market share of nearly 50%. The first half of the railway sector to achieve revenue 713 million, an increase of 17.22%, the overall sales.相关的主题文章: