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Pregnant, do you eat "pregnant women eggs"? Sohu – maternal pregnant pregnant mother and fetus after need adequate nutrition, the result has been some businesses as a business opportunity, make all kinds of speculation gimmicks, even the egg are a special "pregnant egg". Now on the market price of a general pregnant egg to nearly 4 dollars, is worth a pound of basic common egg prices, but in fact it is the ordinary soil egg, there is no evidence that they are designed for people or during pregnancy on pregnant women what additional benefits. In addition the supermarket may have a variety of names of the egg, so dazzled, but experts explained that these egg nutritional value had little difference, different colors only because there is no need to feed, too tangled. First, pregnant women can eat eggs? The egg is small, but rich in nutrition, protein is beneficial to fetal brain development, egg yolk can improve pregnancy ‘memory, but also contribute to the secretion of milk, is a good health food during pregnancy. So expectant mothers can eat one or two eggs a day to provide the necessary nutrients to the body. Two, pregnant mother to eat eggs do not fall into these mistaken eggs, although good, but eating the wrong is still not good for the body, do not go into these pregnancy eating eggs misunderstanding! 1 eat more nutrition, the better the value of some families exaggerated the nutritional value of eggs, pregnant mother to eat a lot of every day, and even ten or twenty eggs are. This is a little extreme, eat too much egg will increase the stomach burden of pregnant women, is not conducive to digestion and absorption; egg although nutritious, but cannot be used as a source of protein and nutrition only, otherwise it will affect the pregnancy needs for various nutritional elements; also eat too much egg protein can not be fully absorbed, also caused waste. It is enough to eat two eggs a day under normal circumstances. 2 eat raw egg there is raw egg can maximize the nutritional value, this is not desirable. Some of the proteins in the protein inhibit the proteolytic enzymes, but can be destroyed by heating. Therefore, the consumption of undercooked eggs will not only be caused by the lack of high temperature disinfection and bacterial infection, but also affect the body’s use of vitamin H, resulting in its lack of. Therefore, pregnant women must eat thoroughly cooked eggs. 3 some of the wrong way to eat some of the commonly used method of eating is not scientific, pregnant women should pay more attention to some of the diet, try to avoid these unhealthy eating. Tea eggs. Tea contains acidic substances, combined with iron in the egg, stimulate the stomach, will affect the digestive function of the stomach. The sugar Poached Egg. Egg and sugar Tongzhu will form a fructose poorammonia acid conjugates. This material is not easy to be absorbed by the body, but also affect the health of pregnant mothers. Egg with soy milk. Soybean Milk in trypsin and egg white ovalbumin combined, will result in the loss of nutrients, reducing the nutritional value of the two, a 1 + 1 < 2, a waste of nutrition. So how to eat eggs? On the digestion and absorption of nutrients, egg 100%, egg 97% stream相关的主题文章: