Pregnant mother prenatal do this, reduce the pain of childbirth! 3edyy

Pregnant mothers prenatal do this, relieve the labor pain! – Sohu maternal pregnant women are uterine contractions started, there will be pain, assault, rupture of the amniotic fluid symptoms. Because each person’s constitution is not the same, the order of its symptoms are not the same, and any one of the signs of the occurrence of labor. Delivery must be through the following three stages. The first stage of the women in the beginning of the production process will be irregular palace lock, on average every 5~30 minutes, each lasting 10~30 seconds. Within the range of pain, women can walk, practice breathing techniques and relax. With the passage of time, when the uterine contraction law and strong time, average every 2~3 minutes at a time, each time for 45~60 seconds at the palace mouth basic open, this time some mothers will appear vomiting, want to defecate feeling. At this time, you can take the rhythmic breathing, when the contractions stopped, you can relax the body, save energy. The second stage of the birth process is the time of birth, most of the time not more than 2 hours, most of the children can be delivered in about 1 hours. In the process of childbirth, the mother to cooperate with the medical staff password, the need to force the time, will focus on the strength of the abdomen. In childbirth, pregnant women have a sense of the pelvic floor and anus fan loose muscles, try to relax, is conducive to the delivery. The third stage of this time your baby has come out, but the placenta is still in the womb. At this time the woman will feel relaxed, but in a few minutes the uterus will begin to shrink, the placenta from the uterine wall stripped, and excluded from the body. This process takes about ten minutes, so far, the end of childbirth. The three stage is more than women need to experience the birth. In the process of childbirth, women should not be too nervous, with the doctor, adjust the breath, the whole process can be completed quickly.相关的主题文章: