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An appetite – tomato egg cake – Sohu more and more love do maternal cake at breakfast, milk or soup collocation of food eaten together, you will feel particularly appetizing, can eat several pieces of bread and cake down, N approach, but you must not try this. Raw material production process 1, ingredients: tomatoes, eggs, onions, flour. 2, chopped onion, eggs into the bowl with a bowl. 3, diced tomatoes like or granular. Just feeling. 4, chopped onion, eggs, tomatoes and flour together with a stir. (according to the child taste appropriate amount of salt, you can not add) 5, electric cake stalls preheating. (without refueling) 6, and then slowly pour the batter stir well. 7, this state can turn over the surface. 8, and then fry the other side to the golden yellow on it. 9, out of the pot, cut for children take it. Suitable for people aged 1-3 puzzle label techniques promote appetite protein supplement meals breakfast classification recommended reason tomatoes contain lycopene rich cuisine, egg contains high quality protein, and carbohydrate containing flour collocation can meet breakfast nutrition, start a day full of energy, but also can be a good help to promote baby oh. Author: Lin Yan相关的主题文章: