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Home-and-Family Bidet attachments are affordable and easy to install, but not all of them are created equally. You have to be careful with which type of attachment product that you go for on the market because there are a lot of choices, and not all of them are good. Among the best are the PW 100 and the PW 200. These bidet attachment types are more durable and reliable than most, though they may cost a bit more than the cheap plastic types. Of course, when you get into the functionality of the plastic types, it apparent why there is such a cost discrepancy. Rather than use plastic, the PW 100 and the PW 200 make use of brass valves. Brass valves make all the difference in the world. But just how do they manage this? Plastic valves do not hold up well to constant use. They generally have to be replaced within a short period of installation. .pare that to the brass valves you will find on the PW 100 and the PW 200, and what do you get? Brass valve bidet attachments seal off water and are heavy duty, so you can literally get years of daily use out of them before needing to replace. Bidets and hygiene are already costly enough. You do not need to add to the cost by constantly needing a replacement. Brass valves do not suffer the many pitfalls of plastic. They will go well beyond the few months that plastic is generally good for. They will also lessen the probability of bathroom flooding, and though they are of a higher quality and will therefore cost more than their cheap counterparts, they make up for it with reliability. They’re always there to get the job done right, and what that means for your home is that it ceases to be a haven for bacteria, and it starts to be a center for healthy living. Families that incorporate the bidet attachment with brass valves into their home pay less in plumbing costs. They have fewer instances of bacteria borne illnesses. They save money by not installing an actual bidet, which is much more expensive. And they guarantee themselves the quality care they need. Bidet attachments are in use wherever bidets are. They are just as popular if not more so. The reason why this is the case is that there is a growing trend moving away from the antiquated hygiene practices of yesteryear. As more is learned about bacteria and the harm they can cause, the move to a quality bidet or bidet attachment will be.e only more relevant in the grand scheme of things. Make sure you and your family are protected with the right type. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: