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Software In recent years, with the development of technology, more and more camcorders have been produced. Among them, AVCHD camcorders have many fans because they can shoot high-definition video. There are also many problems after get the HD video. For example, how to edit AVCHD video, how to share AVCHD video… This article focus on one method of share AVCHD video: how to get AVCHD video to the web. When you wanna add AVCHD video to website, you have to take a consideration on whether the a VCHD format is the best video format for your web site. .monly, Flash video is the best video format to embed video in website for its maximum .patibility, smallest file size and high quality. Thus, to publish AVCHD to web, you should change AVCHD to Flash on mac, make coding to embed your flash video in a web page, then… Too .plicated! Well, you’re in luck now. Doremisoft AVCHD to Flash converter mac is one-in-all app that can assist you to convert AVCHD to Flash, and automatically embed AVCHD video in html web page, no any programming required. The following guide is showing you how to publish video to web from AVCHD to Flash on mac Step1. Add AVCHD video to flash converter mac Download AVCHD video to flash converter mac from website, install and launch it. Import AVCHD video to flash converter by clicking "Add" button, browsing the opened windows. Step2. Customize AVCHD video for flash Go to "Customize" panel, three steps for you to do audio & video settings, select output files, and choose .pelling flash player, special flash effect, flash loading template. Step3. Start AVCHD to Flash video conversion Click "Start " button to get AVCHD to Flash video conversion started. During the conversion, you can preview the output video. Step4. Publish AVCHD video to web After conversion is finished, open the target file folder, you will find four files: "**.flv", "**.swf", "**.html", "**.jpg". Open the html file with Dashcode and copy the required codes to your website. And then upload all converted files to your website Serv. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: