Putian media said the Department of Gordon is Baidu search list to provide plastic – Sohu loan news synnex

Putian media said the Department of Gordon is Baidu search list to provide plastic Loan – Sohu news   search for "plastic surgery hospital" in Baidu, in the first row is Lai Beijing plastic surgery hospital (WEB screenshot) by the "Wei Zexi incident", the Department of Putian hospital after less than half a year from the Baidu rankings, now and again other signs of opening drum. Beijing Youth Daily reporter recently found that the Putian Department of the hospital and back to the medical market competition, only this time, the Putian Department of the hospital to replace the means of promotion, hit the "medical beauty stage" signs, in the form of loans beauty once again into the Baidu search page. A search for "plastic surgery hospital" first information is "Beijing Lai medical beauty hospital" search "plastic surgery hospital" in Baidu, can immediately query 8 million 80 thousand results, but in the first row of the information is Beijing Lai plastic surgery hospital official website home page. BYD reporter search "medical beauty staging" found in the first row or Beijing Lai plastic surgery hospital, there is a line of smaller words — Baidu money, medical beauty, rational consumption stage selection below Lai Beijing plastic surgery hospital (first us pay). There are two light grey small ads in the end of this set of information". This is an advertisement: Lai Beijing plastic surgery hospital is financial cooperation with Baidu to provide loans to plastic financial services for the United States, to encourage them to pay after the first surgery. Putian is the "behind the Lai plastic surgery hospital as a matter of fact," Lai Beijing plastic surgery hospital belongs to the Department of Putian. According to the "First Financial Daily" reported that after 2000, cosmetic surgery has become absolute main Department of Putian, which founded by Chen Jinxiu medical group have tomatoes, Beijing plastic surgery hospital, Chengdu Huamei Huamei Lai Lai plastic surgery hospital, plastic surgery hospital, Suzhou Huamei Lai Lai Guangzhou Huamei plastic surgery hospital etc.. Baidu encyclopedia entries on display, Chen Jinxiu, Fujian, Shanghai, Putian chamber of Commerce honorary president of the, chairman of the Shanghai tomato Klc Holdings Ltd. Investment of more than 100 National Hospital of the Chen Jinxiu family Shanghai tomato investment company, investment relationship and have my Lai plastic arranged in a crisscross pattern, and gorgeous shaping two brands. Another public information confirmed that the Department of Putian Beijing Lai behind the shadow. Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau information query platform, Beijing Lai medical beauty hospital Co. Ltd., founded in 2012, the legal representative Chen Wenliang. In the investor information section, corporate "Lai Shanghai Cci Capital Ltd", although the information display the legal representative of the company who is Chen Shan, but in 2014, when Beijing Lai plastic surgery hospital is also called the "Oriental Beijing Lai Medical Beauty Clinic", the legal representative of Shanghai Lai people is Chen Jinxiu and chairman of Cci Capital Ltd. Baidu provides financial medical beauty loan maximum loan 150 thousand BYD reporters call Beijing Lai plastic surgery hospital consultation, orthopedic physician assistant Miss Tang introduction, if you want to get plastic surgery but the moment they do not have so much money also never mind, the hospital is now launched the "medical beauty" staging ", you can apply for installment,.相关的主题文章: