Qin Huanming served as Deputy Secretary of the FAW Group long-term work in the FAW punyu

Qin Huanming was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of FAW Group, FAW Group longtime deputy party secretary China in the FAW Qin Huanming securities network (reporter Li Xiaobing) Chinese FAW Group in September 7th announcement by the SASAC research in August 26, 2016, Qin Huanming was appointed vice secretary of the Party committee of China First Automobile Group Corporation. Earlier, according to the FAW car announcement, August 26th, FAW car held the seventh session of the board of directors of the fifth meeting, elected chairman Qin Huanming. China FAW Group today announcement said that Qin Huanming was born in October 1960 in Shandong Province, in May 1982 to join the Communist Party China, in August 1983 to work in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Tianjin University undergraduate professional forging graduation, Bachelor of engineering, International Institute of corporate restructuring graduate in business administration, master of Science in Holland master Hutt, senior engineer. Qin Huanming served as deputy director of the FAW special machine tool factory, FAW car factory, FAW bus chassis factory, FAW Group’s deputy chief engineer and chassis factory director, assistant general manager of FAW Group Corporation and quality assurance minister, FAW – General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co, Party committee of FAW and FAW – General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co, member of the Standing Committee Party committee, FAW Group Corporation Deputy General manager. Deputy party secretary, deputy general manager of FAW Group corporation. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: