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The Quip model is difficult to replicate, because the market is the lack of China Google Docs- Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark Quip collaborative office applications to succeed, it is because of the presence of Office 365 and Google Docs. From the paperless office to the cloud, technological innovation continues. The development of the domestic collaborative office field is slower than abroad, until the last one or two years, the demand for online collaborative office applications has gradually become apparent, while there have been a large number of domestic collaborative office startups. The rapid and successful start-up companies Quip, will undoubtedly become the biggest imitation of benchmarking. Quip three years ago by $15 million a year into the online office market, not to the enterprise users surged to 10000, three years after the price of $582 million sold to Salesforce. If a venture fund invested in Quip three years ago, then three years after Quip may be their rate of return on investment project is one of the highest. However, many people do not realize that the success of Quip is not possible in the present China, and even the Quip model is not necessarily able to successfully replicate in the country. Compared to Google Docs and Office 365, the small and lightweight Quip is like a dessert, and Chinese is a haven’t eaten dinner hungry people, full such basic needs are not met, not just the sweet dessert pad hunger. Quip model — giant cracks in the success from the beginning of 2015 the trend of online office began sweeping the globe, the use of cloud Office of the company accounted for 28% increase from 2014 to 48%. Google Docs and Office 365 accounted for more than 60% of online office market share, and with the hot online office is also increasing. In this context, whoever wants from the online office a share in this field, Google Docs and Office 365 are two around the past threshold, are all entrepreneurs must face the pressure. However, in this seemingly embarrassing situation, Quip killed out, which is a large part of the reason for the different strategic thinking Quip. Just started to create Quip like Google Docs as perfect, excellent products, so their differences from enough let consumers pay the most willing to start, and not blindly into the users are already very familiar with the field, but to make Quip more simple, lightweight, easy to use, easy to operate easily even in the mobile terminal can. First of all, Quip is based on the change in the way people work, many people do not want to work with the word document editing, and even many teams do not use e-mail相关的主题文章: