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Rank: Selby cut Ding Junhui fourth a season high million prize [collection] Ding Junhui 1-10 lost to Selby missed 13 career crown Sports Tencent in late October 30th, 20162017 snooker season state championships final, Selby swept 10-1 Ding Junhui won the championship, the harvest of 125 thousand pounds in prize money, amounting to more than one million. With the arrival of the fourth ranking nodes, Selby continue to occupy the top spot, Ding Junhui rose to fourth to create a new season, the highest level of the jump of the top eleventh is ranked in the top of the list of the top thirteenth in the world by the year of the year, with a jump of up to $. The championship is the International Federation of Taiwan level after the world championship tournament, the total prize money of up to 657 thousand pounds, the winner will receive 125 thousand pounds. Selby beat Ding Junhui in the final, winning first prize income of more than one million yuan, runner up Ding Junhui the same income, will get 65 thousand pounds prize, equivalent to more than 500 thousand yuan. In addition to playing the first round of the tournament players, will receive more than 30 thousand yuan bonus, in addition to a maximum of $1 thousand a single shot bonus, by playing Higgins and Xu Xu score 145 points. The ranking rules again this season, with a significant increase in the number of rankings, the ranking of this season, the number of nodes increased to 9, after the end of the national championship came to the season of the fourth nodes. Selby European Masters Championship semi-finals, the total prize money of 827942 pounds to the top spot, more than second Bingham 290 thousand pounds, the advantage is very huge, Trump won the European Grand Prix, England Open Championship and runner up in the semi-finals, ranking third Bingham approximation. Ding Junhui continued to improve, from the beginning of the season in ninth place, but on a sixth node, the node for Ding Junhui to win the national championship runner up, the total prize money reached 443925 pounds, currently ranked fourth and Trump with 7 gap. After Ding Junhui is Murphy, two people only a gap of 1 thousand pounds, ranking may change at any time, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on,, Robertson, O’Sullivan, Joe – Perry and ranked 6-10. Chinese ranked players increase is the largest at the beginning of the season Liang Wenbo Liang Wenbo, ranked twentieth in England to open Nakayang Fumihiro, Rick Trump, won his first crown won 70 thousand pounds prize, although the State Championships third out, but the ranking still came to eleventh, compared with a 6 node upgrade. Fu Jiajun recent state is very low, ranking continued to decline came to thirteenth, then if there is no state of ascension, there is a possibility of falling TOP16. China other players, Zhou Yuelong ranking improved 11 to forty-third, Tian Pengfei is ranked forty-seventh, Xiao Guodong and Lee in fifty-sixth and 57, landing in Germany ranked sixty-second. (wild city)相关的主题文章: