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Read the drama version of "beauty for filling", a little distressed original…… The unhaa is a big wave of spy drama was just ending soon, the criminal investigation suspense drama could not wait to team out of the brush face, from the "forensic Qin Ming" to "if love" and "beauty of the snail as a stuffing", is bound to set off a national Holmes heat determination…… Interestingly, behind the two adapted dramas from the same author Ding Mo more interesting, romantic suspense series small old ink alone did not read the "beauty" for the filling. (15 small can not extricate themselves immersed in high school No. 24 Zhenhua Trilogy) "beauty" stuffing for the official launch, the spirit of rigorous business attitude, Xiao Bian did not forget to carefully study the original mobile phone picked up in the chase drama at the same time, strive for both go hand in hand, found that I have seen is actually old ink suspense the romance series best to see a! Want to see that the abnormal playground war highlight ah! Want to see the white Jinxi and Han Shen live daily! Want to see the black shield team and a group of seven wits! Want to see how to interpret the white Jinxi facing strap bombs Xiaozhuan and white in a dilemma that a Secretary Xu ah! Want to see Su Mian and Han Shen love loving memories! Want to see the super cold love ah! Want to see Sue sue and Xu Sibai and Han heavy dispute ah! Set the great works, but the story is also very tension, personal feeling is very suitable for TV drama! But after the 12 episode drama version of "beauty" for the filling, I just want to Oh, how can such a nice novel turned out to be like this? It is said that this novel is the old ink "hanging love series" trilogy of the pinnacle, the complexity of the case and the whole pattern are far beyond "when he comes, please close your eyes" and "if love" snail. However, goose, it fell to Yu Zheng [micro-blog] hand…… So, what’s the classic Yu Zheng’s adaptation? Before discussion, we put in the mother the words up, after all, this passage to a certain extent, notice the whole drama style: "I want to make here: a like butter cake, very sweet, not horrible murder." the mother honest not bully me, this show no trace of the mystery from A to Z some depressed, adhere to the style of Yu Zheng’s drama. To see how he put a suspense detection drama idol drama feel down down down the picture is the beginning of a shining white flesh, but feel no small fluctuations in   geese; confused in small, heart flashed countless yellow barrage, female Lord Bai Jinxi (Rong Yang ornaments [micro-blog]) on the small pull back from the edge of the fallen. It turned out that there was a gang of criminals engaged in illegal trading… However, as a policewoman, the fighting skills will not be too serious?? Ignore the play like a play, in a word, the main men met in a turmoil and chaos of war, although not very friendly, also is to the left a deep impression on each other. The misunderstanding actor Han Chen (Bai Yu) is a criminal group a group of two people, launched a melee: Hong Kong, the plane.相关的主题文章: