Robin Li artificial intelligence is the next scene of the internet magicq

Robin Li: artificial intelligence is the "next episode" Tencent financial news (Jiang Xiaochuan) Silicon Valley venture investors no longer vote basic Internet project, because the opportunity has not: This is Robin Li’s observation. According to the CEO of the Chinese largest search engine company, investors’ capital flows is very simple in technology innovation company". In the technology that could change the future, similar to its Chinese rival Google, Robin Li focused on artificial intelligence. As the helm of Baidu, Robin Li’s interest is likely to affect the search engine company. Robin Li said that artificial intelligence is the next scene of the Internet, will continue to promote the growth of the internet. In his view, the Internet on the scene is based on the desktop computer network, and this scene is the mobile internet. He made this statement at the 2016 summit China summer Yabuli entrepreneurs. In the desktop Internet era, the birth of a large number of Internet Co: in the United States, Google, Facebook, Amason, and in China, there are Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba. Robin Li said that in the mobile Internet era, 4-5 window period is much shorter than many people imagine, but the birth of the United States Mission reviews, drops of travel and today’s headlines these companies. Artificial intelligence will affect what industry? Robin Li’s view is: it will affect many industries, but the biggest impact is the manufacturing sector". When the era of artificial intelligence, the manufacturing industry will be completely changed things. According to Robin Li’s vision, the future of all goods can be networked, the data back to the cloud, through the analysis of artificial intelligence technology, will bring real value to consumers." Similarly, the automotive industry will also be artificial intelligence "completely changed", Robin Li said, although the path to solve the security problems in the traditional automobile manufacturers and manufacturers of innovation between different, but "we basically are confident, self driving times a day will come." The traditional automobile manufacturers valued "highly automated driving path under extreme conditions shall be subject to the artificial intervention; and innovative manufacturers are willing to choose a more technical route of subversion, such as allowing pedestrians to wear small pieces of metal, to detect the automatic driving car is convenient, to avoid traffic accidents. In addition, Robin Li said, the entertainment industry and the health industry will also be changed by artificial intelligence. In Robin Li’s vision: for the former, virtual reality and augmented reality "is likely to become the mainstream of the content and form of" speech recognition to speech synthesis star; for the latter, by analyzing gene in patients with the disease will be more accurate and personalized treatment. "My imagination is limited", Robin Li appealed to the entrepreneurs, "if you understand, enough for your industry, and know a little artificial intelligence technology, I believe that you can think of me more than the innovation space." More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: