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Robots are starting to take the place of human beings Tencent digital news (chares) in recent years, due to Ford, Google, Uber and other large automobile companies have launched self driving cars, taxi drivers are more and more redundant, but artificial intelligence to change more than just traffic on the one hand, from the doctor of nursing to the supermarket salesman, more and more work seems to be replaced by robots although, we do not recommend that you worried, but it seems that because of the higher working efficiency of the robot, everyone is worried that she will unemployment. Maybe you have already heard of driving, but you know they are currently replacing many traditional industry staff and the implementation of the task, in early 2015, Nevada began testing self driving trucks, mining giant Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) has deployed this vehicle in Western Australia, because they do not require the driver each truck, every year can save up to $100 thousand in costs, the company also said the use of robots is not only more efficient, and can save a lot of money. In addition, artificial intelligence trams are becoming increasingly common, in Germany, the tram operators VGF and Ustra have invested two automatic driving tram cruise system, VGF uses a stereo camera technology, Ustra is using a combination of camera and radar technology, the automatic cruise the system can effectively reduce the probability of occurrence of traffic accidents, and can recover the investment within two years, in Finland, Helsinki, the unmanned minibus has begun the implementation of the test plan, in Holland Amsterdam, Mercedes Benz launched a series of unmanned buses in the UK, the government officials are also eager to introduce unmanned British people transport, in addition to the driver of the car, bicycle couriers and delivery drivers work has no songs in the Amazon Valley The development of the use of drones to deliver the package of the project, the British reservation website Just Eat launched the six round of the robot in the streets of London transport service. The robot factory has settled a long time ago happened in the automobile manufacturers are very common, but the trend in recent years, more and more intense, earlier this year, apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn said that the company will use robots instead of 60000 employees by 2020 to 30% of the workload by robots, and Dongguan created the world’s first unmanned factory, in September 2014 to 2015, the amount of investment reached 3 billion 800 million yuan, will replace 30000 employees, more repetitive work, the more easily robots, or a super city cashier will be robots, which can greatly reduce the supermarket spending, and will devote more effort to prevent theft. Behavior. IBM Watson artificial intelligence can become an accomplished medical expert, earlier this year, it has also become the world’s first artificial intelligence lawyers, accountants worry about being replaced by robots strict in demands, in literature, robot favorably, Google developed an artificial intelligence can write R相关的主题文章: