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Russian imports of high-end equipment Chinese engine has new stealth warships – Sohu Military Channel with the steam turbine and other conventional ship power, marine diesel engine with power, high efficiency, wide coverage of the entire operating range of economy, small size and weight, low life cycle cost of a series of advantages, is widely used as a large ship cruise power. The active force frigates, conventional submarines and high-speed ships, and in marine generating units (including power module integrated power system) has an absolute advantage in the original motivation. After the end of the cold war, in a fairly long period of time, the Russian navy is affected by the downturn in the economic situation, the ships update is almost stagnant. After entering in twenty-first Century, with the gradual improvement of the economic situation in Russia, the Russian navy has gradually accelerated the pace of naval updates. However, the decline of Russian shipbuilding industry is an indisputable fact, and Ukraine strained after it is one disaster after another hand has been difficult to build, large warships, engine problems even in small warships are difficult to solve, now have to import China marine engine to build new frigates. Now the Russian type 21631 light guard is Chinese Henan diesel engine heavy CHD622V20 diesel engine used in ship. 21631 frigates, also known as the Russian "mob" class light frigate. It is specially designed for the Russian navy to patrol the coast to create a small patrol missile ship, 75 meters long, width of 11 meters, draft of 2.5 meters, with a total displacement of up to 980 tons of water, there are already launched into the water, the sixth, 7 are in the cabin. The number of construction project total reached an unprecedented 27 vessels, even more than 30 aircraft, which is unprecedented in the history of Russian naval construction, compared with the Soviet era surface warships, type 21631 frigate can be regarded as quite westernized a small surface ships, its stealth and live performance good. In last year’s terrorist attack on Syria, multi type 21631 frigates from the Caspian Sea to launch dozens of pieces of "caliber" cruise missile accurately hit the target thousands of kilometers, the world’s attention. China Henan diesel heavy industry Co., Ltd. has signed 8 CHD622V20 diesel engine sales contract with russia. It is reported that CHD622V20 high speed high-power diesel engine for special ships and marine engineering high-speed ship power equipment and other areas of demand, after three years of development, the power of 3200kw. This shows that China’s high-power diesel engine in the past 20 years by the introduction of foreign advanced technology and key production equipment, products in the overall level has made great progress. The engine product technical indicators to achieve international advanced, the leading domestic level, with independent intellectual property rights. It can meet the requirements of the Russian Navy frigate to the weight to power ratio, the working torque range, the overall size, the fuel consumption rate and the reliability. The successful entry into the high-end market in Russia, and is currently included in the list of Russian famous ship design institute, greatly improving the visibility of Chinese products and independent brand influence. It is of great significance for China to enter the high-end power market and the development of military equipment.相关的主题文章: