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Travel-and-Leisure The city of Saint Paul sits over the Mississippi River like a jewel. The city makes up one half of the famous twin cities of Minnesota, the other half being Minneapolis. St Paul is a distinguished city, boasting an impressive array of historic buildings and neighborhoods; but, the city can also be playful, as evidenced by the fabulous carnival that takes place every January. St Paul has a distinctive climate with cold snowy winters and .fortably warm summers; the annual mean temperature is one of the coldest in the continental US. Reportedly called "another Siberia" in the late 1800s, the city took the opportunity to make the best of the situation by creating the St Paul Winter Carnival. The Carnival, which has been happening yearly since 1886, is a ten day festival featuring ice and snow carving, parades, and races. The other attractions St Paul has to offer include visits to the .o Park Zoo and Conservatory, gangster tours of the Wabasha Street caves, the Minnesota State Fair, the Minnesota Opera, and visits to the stunning historic Cathedral of St Paul which was built in 1904. St Paul has some stunning historic neighborhoods for anyone looking for historic real estate as well. Dayton’s Bluff has many homes dating back to the 1880s and has been designated a historic district of the city. The Thomas-Dale area, also known locally as Frogtown, has some Victorian homes, a historic fire station, as well as a fabulous collection of ethnic restaurants and markets. Summit Avenue is an amazing area with four and a half miles of historic buildings including places of worship, homes, and schools mostly dating back from between 1890 and 1920. Summit Avenue is also home to the F. Scott Fitzgerald house where the famous writer lived for a time. For anyone looking to travel or move to an interesting location filled with stunning historic architecture and fun events and attractions to occupy your off-time, take a look at St Paul, Minnesota. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: