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UnCategorized A few months ago Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that he had saved the World (admittedly this was his ‘slip of the tongue’ and he meant the UK) but as news reaches us today that the US economy is now out of recession we have to ask…’why did you save the rest of the World, Gordon, and forget about the UK?’ It is not an exaggeration to say that Gordon Brown and his party, and government, have not had a decent run lately. The news of Britain being still in recession, while so many other countries (even close neighbors in Europe) have shown signs of growth, has been a further blow to not only the Prime Minister but to the whole country. Some experts have told us today that it’s the UK’s over reliance on a financial services industry that has kept us out of growth but many .mentators are of course turning the blame on Gordon Brown’s government, saying that they just didn’t do enough, when he had to, to get our economy out of this quagmire. At economic forums a year ago, Gordon Brown was hailed, by foreign leaders and foreign press as a saviour – our own press did not afford him that same praise. Why was this? Perhaps our press are too cynical, or perhaps it was too little, too late to make us think Brown was going to save the day. Whatever the case at that time, it does seem that our cynical press was right – as the UK wallows in the longest recession since records began we must be forgiven for looking to another saviour or at least another option. What next for the UK economy? Our fragile recovery does seem to be happening, depending on who you are talking to. Libor rates are a little less high, the FTSE 100 (although having something of a hiccup this week) is up a long way from the start of the year, and even house prices seem to have stabilized – so is everything getting better? The truth is that even in this globalized World in which we now live, many of the vital factors which tell us about the health an economy are at the ground level, it’s the ‘man on the street’ having a bit of extra cash to pump back into the retail sector, it’s the 20-something entrepreneur who decides to start a business and is soon employing others and boosting the job market, it’s the cauldron of ideas and talent which spur inventors and creators who dream up new methods of making wealth and developing industry. Is our current economy helping to ignite and fuel these people and these vital situations? Sadly I think we are still some way from the rejuvenated society we need to make this a reality again. What can we do to help? Who knows but something needs to change or the recession will be gloomy for sometime to .e. In the mean time we suggest that you keep .municating and keep doing what you do best – that’s got to be the essential way to get through it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: