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UnCategorized What’s the best way to celebrate the Halloween than to scare the wits out of your friends and family? But then again, simple costumes may not do the trick all the time. For a more convincing personality, don’t forget to go for the gruesome and truly scary face paint designs. Attack of the Skeleton If the skeletons in a laboratory are spooky enough, wait until they start walking down avenues during the Halloween. But how can you transform yourself to be the ultimate walking skeleton? First of all, you have to get some latex cap so you can have a very smooth surface. With the use of a unique kind of adhesive or spirit gum, you can attach the latex cap in your head. Once you have donned it, you can then begin focusing on your overall skeleton look. One of the basic foundations of scary face paint designs, including the skeleton appearance is the use of thick white powder. It should be applied all over your skin, making sure that every inch of it is practically covered. Then, you can make use of as many types of coats as possible so you can achieve that opaque appearance. You can then proceed to adding more notable features such as black rings under the eyes to depict a hollow look. Outline your lips and your nose with black too. You can then go on adding some cracks in your entire skull. Blisters All Over Picture yourself as a helpless victim of a train or car wreck who has .e to life. It will be very convenient as long as you have the following materials at hand: petroleum jelly, cocoa powder, disposable tissue, toothpicks, and, of course, red coloring. Your goal will be to create the grossest fake wounds there is. It doesn’t have to take too much of your time. You simply mix a dollop of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly of your choice with a few drops of the red coloring using a toothpick. Please make sure that you are wearing a protection such as an apron to avoid staining your clothes with the mixture. To add more bloodlike feel on your fake blood, you can include a pinch of cocoa and continue stirring. You can then cut small rectangles of tissue paper and place them in your selected wound areas. You can then apply your blood mixture on top of them. Then, shape the tissue into large and small wounds. Raise the edges a little bit higher to signify their severity. To further darken the wounds, add some cocoa at the edges and at the center to resemble scabs. Fake Blood You can also create other scary face paint designs and pair them with some fake blood, especially if you are playing out the blood-sucking vampire or Dracula. The overall procedure only eats up 15 minutes. You can begin by mixing white corn syrup and peanut butter so they will be runny enough. You can also include a soap with no suds and red food coloring. Mix all of them until you have attained your desired consistency. Spread them all over your face or your dress. Everybody needs a good scare too sometimes, particularly during the Halloween. Surely, with your scary face paint designs, you will not only jolt them unexpectedly but will also bring down the house with lots of unending laughter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: