Science and technology finance, financial science and technology. 2016 Pujiang science and technolog

Science and technology finance, financial science and technology. 2016 Pujiang science and technology financial innovation forum forum guests view excerpts. Think twice sent on the scene – Sohu Technology Innovation Forum 2016 Pujiang science and technology financial forum held at the Dongjiao State Guest Hotel on the afternoon of the 24 day, the meeting issued the "China technology 2016" annual financial ecological observation. Ma Xingfa, deputy director of the science and Technology Committee of Shanghai city speech, China science and Technology Development Strategy Research Institute, former executive vice president China Technology Finance Association chairman Wang Yuan, director of China Banking Regulatory Commission Shanghai Bureau Liao min, vice president of British University of Birmingham Robin Mason, the State Council Development Research Center of industrial economy minister Zhao Changwen Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance in the money such as guest speakers. "Think twice" to use the scene to extract the contents of the speech presentation to the content of the meeting (according to the order of speech). Ma Xingfa (deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission) combination of technology and finance is the key to realize the value of innovation, profound history tells us, every round of world science and technology revolution and the industrial revolution all from technological innovation, technology and finance can be said as the two wings of a bird, two wheeled vehicle, the combination has become an important engine human life and lifestyle change. The exploration and practice shows that with the current technology and financial system from the tool has become a kind of new ecological system, pay more attention to the joint participation by the government and the market, through innovation and optimization of financial activities, products and services, and promote scientific and technological innovation into wealth. At the same time, the development of the financial industry and feedback and feedback. The current Shanghai is in accordance with national requirements and strategic deployment, accelerate to enter the science and technology innovation center with global influence, which not only for the combination of technology and finance to create good conditions, but also put forward higher requirements, more real. In recent years, Shanghai science and technology in improving financial policies and regulations, construction enterprises and financial docking platform, expand financing channels for enterprises to make some beneficial attempts to speed up the development of science and technology and other aspects of the financial services sector, also achieved some success. These results are quite preliminary, in the exploration of "3+X" financial credit system, the development of a team of experts, for the development of science and technology finance and technology services for SMEs financing needs, made a positive contribution. Next, we will stick to the visible hand of government and market the invisible palm with agglomeration and actively promote scientific and technological resources and financial factors, increase financial products and technology innovation was to create a good financial technology, ecological environment, leading industry technology upgrade, the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to provide more powerful booster. Wang Yuan (former vice president of China Academy of science and Technology Development Strategy Institute, chairman of China Science and Technology Finance Association), the concept of ecological science and technology finance has been a common consensus. The concept of science and technology finance from the late 80s began to go through a misunderstood by everyone, to gradually reach a consensus on the process of questioning. The concept of the technology sector has been widely questioned by the financial sector. In the process of policy practice, we gradually began to understand the science and technology finance as a 6相关的主题文章: