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Secretary of state Hilary Ren received millions of dollars in Qatar – Sohu news Beijing, November 5,   built the Layton foundation; according to Central News Agency reports, the Clinton foundation 4 admitted, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and Secretary of state? Term, the fund will receive the Qatar $1 million, but not to the State Council. Hilary – Clinton has promised to allow the State Department to review new contributions from foreign governments. Reported that Hilary? Clinton’s campaign director general Podesta thousands of e-mails were black, according to WikiLeaks last month disclosed the contents of the display, 2011 Qatar officials promised $1 million to the Clinton foundation, as Hilary’s husband, former president Clinton 65 years old birthday, and seek the next met privately with Clinton, face pay check. In 2009, Hilary, in his capacity as secretary of state, signed a code of ethics to regulate the Global Fund for the family of the people of the United States, in the form of an agreement with the government of the people’s Republic of China in the year of. At that time, she promised that when the foreign government to prepare a substantial increase in donations, the foundation will be notified to the State Council for supervision. The design of a moral consent is intended to prevent the US foreign policy from being affected by a wealthy donor. The Clinton foundation spokesman Kirk Sitelaben confirmed that the foundation accepts Qatar the $1 million gift, but claimed that it did not make Qatar on the foundation of a substantial increase in donation "". Kirk refused to confirm that the Qatari officials after the meeting, whether or not to see Clinton, whether or not to see the. Including Qatar embassy officials in Washington, as well as officials in the Qatari capital of Doha, also refused to discuss the donation.相关的主题文章: